When on the busy schedule of today’s parents falls a spare minute, of course, they want to spend this time with their child having fun and entertainment. The perfect way to spend a family holiday – is to visit entertainment center, where hundreds of amusements to a different taste are waiting for you and your kids.

But not be lost in the big choice of entertainment centers in Kiev.

The leader in the entertainment sphere we can surly call a Mall “Dream town”. Many amusements for children and adults are represented in this center. The most popular place among Kievans is a rink “Ice Dream” with a natural ice. Those who like inline skating will appreciate new specialized rollerdrom that has two levels.

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Besides, here are mini golf, curling, shooting range, possible rides and amusements. Interesting feature of the Mall is that each part is decorated on the theme of different countries. So, in this point, while you and your kid are traveling through the Mall, your kid will not be bored for sure – and during the day you can make an amazing travel around the world.

dream town_1

Gaming center “Hurricane” – is a territory, where professionals know how to entertain children and their parents. A wide assortment of multilevel maze, simulators for children and adults will bring you a lot of positive emotions. Also we should mention the capsule of virtual reality, creating the effect of 100% reality. Huge display in combination with volumetric 4 D effects would bring unforgettable impressions.


If you wish to get positive emotions – attend the center of Family leisure “Divosvit” (Wonderful Word) – here are more then 100 amusements! Variety of amusements involve not only kids, but adults too. There are a bunch of prize attractions, for sport fans – basketball, football, rafting, boxing, hang-glider etc. Also laser battles are popular here enough – it is a team game where your child can become a participant of laser battle. Also worth to notice one of the longest children’s labyrinth in Ukraine, its length reaches 150 meters.


A visit to educational and entertainment “Aquarium Sea Tale” that was open on December, 19 in Kiev will become a really amazing memorable event for your kid. The general zest of this Aquarium – is an under water tunnel, that demonstrates all the beauty of the sea world, previously available only to divers. Tunnel is at a depth of 2m under the water and connects two rooms – the first is decorated as pirate ship, and the second is as “touchpool”- an opened water pool with starfish and stingrays, a separated aquarium with sharks, jellyfishes, morays. The guests can become the witnesses of Daily shows “Shark feeding” and “Turtle feeding”. The melodies of the classical music completes the underwater atmosphere with peace and comfort.


A great choice of amusements is represented in complex “Play land”. Different amusements, slots, children video-games and bowling, souvenir shops, children’s discos and karaoke will not live anyone indifferent. Your kid will appreciate for sure the amusement “Favorite Toy” where in a moment he can make with his hands own stuffed toy.


The new entertainment center “Cos Mix” will become a wonderful place for your recreation. Everyone can spend a good time here – kids and their parents, businessman, youth, fans of movable and calm stay. Here are a lot of amusements, and parents will appreciate the affordable prices.


An alternative to noisy and energetic entertainment is a cozy family restaurant “Baby Bar”. It’s a nice place for calm and peaceful recreation for parents and their mischievous children. Spending time in “Baby Bar” would not be boring for your kids, – there is a playing room where proposed different kinds of entertainment and educational games for them. While the kid is carefree plays under professional animator’s supervision, parents can relax and rest.


If you want for your kid not only playing, but also learning interesting things about the world in a funny way and exciting environment – than visit a children’ club “Monkey”. The main activity of the club is organizing parties for children: birthday’s parties, celebration themed evenings. Besides of that the club offers effective study trainings to promote the harmonious development of the child.


The perfect place to spend a holiday with your child is children city “Aghur”. Nothing would make your child boring here. A lot of amusements, autodrom, slots, mysterious maze, will not live anyone indifferent. Any children’s holiday: birthday or successful completion of the year will be fun an entertaining organized.


Do you want to feel yourself a real adventurer, so visit “Tropical Park”. The design of this complex is made in the style of a jungle that will delight young guests.
Among amusements: play yard for kids under 5 years old, air cannons, laser shooting range, multilevel maze, hill- trampoline etc..Here works very convenient system “All Inclusive”.


Make a present of the greatest fairy tale for your child, because childhood will never happen again.

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