In our country a tradition to celebrate a Valentine’s Day became a common thing pretty long time ago. On the eve of Valentine’s we offer you an overview of the romantic places which became popular among loving couples living in Kiev. To visit those places with a person who you love not only once in the year, but every time when you are overwhelmed by the romantic feelings.

1.Lovers Bridge

This bridge has different names: Park Bridge, Devil’s Bridge, Kissing Bridge, Small Paton’s Bridge. People are dating here, offering hand and heart, writing love lyrics in prose and poetry on the railing.
As a symbol of love – lovers hang numerous locks and tie ribbons on the banister. Read more here.

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2. Bridge of kisses

Between the Park of Fame and the Palace there begins Dneprovski descent that leads to Naberezhnoe highway. Nearby there spanned pedestrian open work bridge which due to the sympathy of lovers deserved another name “Bridge of kisses”. Read more here.


3. The wall of confessions

Not so long ago in the Capital in the street Yaroslavov Val, 15 appeared the wall of confessions. Besides the poems of Joseph Brodsky “Letters to the wall” here the citizens perpetuate their declarations of love, share the mental torments of unrequited love. There is even a declaration of love of an unknown author to Audrey Tautou. If you already want to say something to your object of adoration, but just can not pluck up courage – just write about it. So, now you know how to do it.


4. Fountain of desires (also known as “fountain – magnet”). It is situated in the yard of St. Michael’s cathedral. According to legend: for your heart’s desire to come true you have to magnet a coin to a fountain and during this moment you need to hold each other hands and to look into the eyes of your beloved and necessarily sincerely to believe that fountain will help you affairs of the heart.


5. The tree of happiness in Navodnitskiy Park.

The magic tree is made of forged iron a small tree with leaves and apples on its branches. According to a legend on day of Marriage young couple has to tie a ribbons on the branch of the tree as a sign of unity till the end of time, to touch a leaf as a sign of happy life, and to touch a fruit for their fruits (children) of love would be happy and healthy. Read more here.


6.Enamored lanterns

A sculpture settled down town in Independence Square has became a place for romantic appointments. Sculpture to Enamored Lanterns is elegant lantern man six fit tall the fashionable man who holds in his arms his beautiful bride which has a pink dress. Love is not fading light – is the general leitmotiv of this sculpture. This sculpture was settled on Independence square for St. Valentine’s Day three years ago and has become an event for the people of Kiev and at the same time loved by young couples its sincerity of feelings and warmth. More than extraordinary composition of sculptor Vladimir Belocon’ not only attracts but makes to think about relations, tremulous and tender love. Read more here.








7.The Mermaid sculpture settled in the Garden of Stones in the Obolon district, Heroev Stalingrada avenue, 2-g helps lovers. According to legend, if you rub her chest, the luck is guaranteed in love affairs.
Do check 🙂


8. Linden 400 years old that grows in the front of Historical Museum at Landscape alley. According to legend the tree helps to reconcile for those who in a quarrel, for lonely ones to find a couple, and also to make stronger love and family relations. This requires 7 times to around the tree (in a clockwise direction)


9. Zamkowaya Hill

One of the favorite places of Kiev romantics is at height of 80 meters it offers beautiful views of the Podol area and the Dniper – river. Most cozy here in the summer, but for real life there are no barriers, overcoming the high ladders should not stop your feelings.


10. Lady Motherland monument

A romantic tour to the height – 92 meters, will bring you a storm of an extreme emotions. And from the observation platform you can run the flashlight torch as a sign of your love. Read more here.