The Kiev’s set “The Museum of the Great Patriotic War” is famous for a landmark monument “The Motherland”. The sculpture can be seen from the most remote corners of the capital. The total height of the figure (with pedestal) is 102 meters.

The very figure, from the foot to the end of the sword, has entire 62 meter length.

The sculpture is of one piece, the total weight of construction is 450 tons, 9 tons of which has a sword and the 13 – a board.

The Shield Square is more than 100 m2 (this is thirteen feet high and eight in width).

In one hand of a symbol of victory is the sixteen meter long sword and a shield in another hand.
The foundation for the sculpture is a concrete pit (1000034 feet in diameter). The Material for the frame of “The Motherland” is stainless steel, and for cladding – steel.

On panelling for the monument a highly qualified staff from the Institute of Electric Welding after Paton was working. Panel is welded from 50 centimetres steel sheets 1,5 ml thick. If we make a summation of the length of all welds the outer shell of the monument, you get a number greater than 30 km.

Initially, the idea of erecting such a large monument was trying to be implemented by the sculptor Eugene Vutech, known for his work in Stalingrad. Then the 80-meter high monument of gilded bronze was planned.
After the death of Eugene Vutecha the project was headed by Ukrainian specialist Basil Boroday, under his leadership, the initial ideas were greatly changed.

For the installation of the sculpture a special unique hundred-meter crane was constructed. The Monument was mounted block by block, with separate sections, weighing 25 – 30 tons.
Design and installation work was accompanied by strict geodetic control. Annually to monitor the dynamic equilibrium, the survey are conducted.

According to forecasts a sculpture should stand more than 150 years and is resistant to seismic activity.
To provide an access of the technical staff to service of “The Motherland”, a sculpture in the middle is equipped with two elevators, with elevators one can climb straight to the top of the monument.

Beginning in 2002, the excursion elevations to 36.6 and 92 meters were allowed. But in connection with an accident in 2003, these “walks” have ceased.

But now, after 7 years after the tragedy, on August 28, 2010 the tourist trips renewed. “Motherland” is already taking all interested people.

Now the security measures are significantly strengthened, new, higher fences are installed, in addition, for security purposes, an excursion on the elevators, the elderly, children under the age of 12 years (even if accompanied by adults), pregnant women, persons under the influence of alcohol, as well as women with high heels and skirts will be denied.

Panoramic views

Panoramic views

Prices on this elevator ride, approximately, as following: rise to thirty-six meters high – 50 hryvnias, extreme variant (1000092 meters) will cost about 200 hryvnias.

The whole tour takes about an hour. Between the transfers to the lifts you can stroll along the observation deck, take photos and simply watch what is happening at the bottom of the movement of the city.

Additional Information:
Address: I. Mazepa Str, 44 (Yanvarskoe Vosstanie str, 44).
Phone: 38 (044) 285-94-52
Directions: Metro station “Arsenalna”, the bus number 24 or trolleybus № 38 – stop “Museum of the Great Patriotic War” (final)
Days off: Monday.
Tours: daily 10:00 – 17:00
Excursion duration: 40-45 minutes

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