The desire all the brewers – to brew most tasty, original and unique beer in the world. Spite the fact that different factors may be the criteria of taste beer, there is a certain group of people that consider if beer more bitter then it tastier.

There is a special scale according to which the bitterness of beer evaluates. According to that international scale the kinds of beer that have the most bitter taste are get “Guinness World Records”. So, recently in the world appeared the most bitter beer. Its author became an English master brewer Peter Fouler. And it’s unknown till now whether anyone else comes up with more bitter beer.

Internationally recognized unit of measurement the bitterness is the so-called “International Bitterness Unit”. Actually it shows the number of ppm that this drink has. Alpha- and beta- bitter acids – it actually are those components characterizing the bitterness of beer.

The dark sorts of beer (porters) have a value of IBU 20-40, when in the same time most of the kinds of beer have IBU around 16. Classic light beer “Baltica #3” has in its content of 8 to 15 units IBU. The dark “Guinness” – more than 45 IBU. American beer Devil Dancer Triple IPA – is a previous champion on bitterness. It’s content has 200 units IBU. Fouler’s beer that is a champion on bitterness for today, has 323 units IBU.

It took more than two years for the owner of a small brewery “Pitstop Brewery” Peter Fouler. To elaborate such a recipe of most bitter beer in the world. This beer has a special ingredients that made it the most extravagant and bitter in the world. Particularly it is a special hop extract “Isolane”, and also the hop’s kinds “Simcoe”, “Contennial” and “Chinook”. According to recognition of the author of this beer, – to drink his “Braincild” is possible only in unlimited quantities. Peter himself says, that he may drink it a half of glass only. However, even such a small amount of beverage is sufficient to fill a pleasant beer aftertaste with your lips for four hours.

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