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The Castle of Richard the Lionheart (Kiev)

Richard castleThe majority believes that Kiev, like Rome, is situated on seven hills, but in reality there are much more hills in Kiev. Ukrainian capital freely lies on the great number of mountains, hills and hillocks of the Right Bank, one of them is decorated with exotic structure – The Richard’s Castle. More …

The Ukrainian first museum of the car history

Model of the carsThe Ukrainian first museum of the car history owes its birth to activists of the “Kiev’s club of collectors”. They have long been collecting the exposition, which today has five thousand items, each of them has its own unique history. More …


Who has not dreamed for a moment to become a bird, soar above the earth and feel the flight, when everything on earth seems so small, when nothing constrains your movements when you just fly? Do you want it to feel really? Then go to make your first parachute jump.

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Square with lime alley at Obolon

1Nowadays, Obolonskiy district is one of the fastest growing areas of Kiev. The name of the district gave an Obolon area, located in its center. Throughout its short history, as for the urban area, Obolonskyi area many times changed its boundaries and names.

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A river travel- a tour

korablikWhat does a man dream of in hot summer months? Who’s in anticipation of trips to the country, who to the sea, and who dreams about overseas countries, but for any holiday is a prerequisite – the presence of “big water”! Those who are fortunate enough – spend their holidays lying serenely on the banks of the river or the sea, and what shall do those who work? For them there is a nice solution – a cruise on a ship or boat on the main river of Ukraine – the Dnieper.

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The Kiev’s funicular

Funicular is relatively a rare form of transport. The word itself has Latin roots (from the Latin “Rope”). Funicular is a cable lifting vehicle. With the cable car one can carry passengers on short routes at higher elevations.

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The skyscraper “Pysanka”

PysankaThe project group “Archimatika” (Kyiv) was inspired with the idea to build the high-rise office-building just in the heart of Dnipro. More …

St. Andrew’s Church

There is one old legend related to the history of ancient Kiev. It is difficult to answer even for scientists how authentically this, but as far as we know “there is no smoke without fire”. More …

Golden gate

Every big city has main places of interest that become its “visit card”. Eiffel Tower in Paris, Red Square in Moscow, Golden Gates in Kyiv.

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The pottery is a heaven-born craft!


Just imagine the traditional Ukrainian house, so-called “khata”, in the picturesque village of ancient times. The clay-walled hut with a thatched roof was surrounded by a woven fence, the cherry and viburnum spread out their branches over it.

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