The cats are our beloved pets, that have been respected since ancient times. Now they are human’s friends that accompany us during the whole life. There is a belief that when moving into new apartaments you should first let the cat enter it. Not withstanding the fact that the times when people worshiped cat had sunk into oblivion, the mankind still appreciates this wonderful animal by erecting the monuments.


The domestic cat appeared in 10-12 millennium BC. It is believed that the ancient Egypt dwellers tamed the cats(in the second millennium BC) as evidenced by the record and also cat figurines, that were found during the excavations. It is a well known fact that the Egyptians considered cats sacred animals and worshiped them.

There are several theories regarding the cats’ origin. The most popular says that the cat originated from the North African steppe cat that was domesticated.

However, some scienties doubt that cats were domesticated in Egypt, many of them believe that it happened in Nubia approximately in the fourth century BC.

The second theory says that modern breeds of cat species descend from domesticated steppe cat crossed with European wild cats as well as with the wild Bengal species.

In accordance with the third theory cat appeared simultaneously in various locations around the world and have been domesticated by people living there.

The largest contribution to the domestication of cats did such countries as Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom of Great Britain, who let the animal into their homes – since than the cat became a pet.

It is amusing that the scientists are still arguing whether the human actually domesticated cats or perhaps the cat tamed the human? Maybe it is not just a coincidence that it was considered a deity. Who knows?

In Ukrainian capital you will also find several monuments to the cat.

The most popular monument of cat is a monument to “A bronze cat” which is in Zolotovoritsky park. It is a prototype of a real Persian cat Pantyusha , thatlived at the restaurant “Pantagryuel”. The restaurant owners and its visitors adored that cat. It caught rodents and was a talisman of the restaurant, but once a fire broke out in the restaurant in which Pontyusha perished. In order to remember the favourite cat forever, the owners built a monument to it. A lot of people were touched by the story and donated their money. The author is a sculptor Bogdan Mazur.

Earlier on the monument was not just a cat – right at Pontyusha’s nose was a figure of a sparrow, which he was going to catch, but it has soon disappeared without a trace.
It is believed that Pantyusha brings good luck – you just need to touch him by the tail and ear and to put a coin under the foot, you can make a wish, which may well come true.

The Cats’ World Day
Each year, on 1 March is the Cats’ World Day. There is a great variety of ways to celebrate it. Dor example, in England those cats that are on the “public service” dress a special form and “coleages” fgive them a lot of delicious things. In China, a law has passed that supposes the administrative and criminal responsibility for killing a cat. In Austria, for those cats-guards of the warehouses there is a lifetime pension with free meat, milk and broth.
So, love your cats-pets and appreciate them for they are with us for almost an eternity .

View on the road:
Not far from the bronze sculpture of a cat Panteleimon you can see some attractions in the park