Cable roadInteresting news flew to Kiev. According to Igor Dobrutsky, who served as deputy mayor of the capital, representatives of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra have already signed a contract for the construction of the ropeway.

This gimmick will cost some 12 million euros.

Money to build a cable car, oddly enough, “will” be given by two companies from Ukraine, which operate on the energy market. Decree on finding investors was issued on the 24th of last December.

The Cableway is part of the Kiev authorities’ project to develop tourism. No, this is not a local attraction (although, who knows?). It was previously scheduled to improve the movement of tourists in the parks in the city centre.

For this routes have been distributed as follows: on the slopes of the Dnieper will be hiking and biking trails, along the Dnieper, of course, panoramic river one and, consequently, for a pleasant reviews of historical monuments, architecture and works of our nature a cable car air route will be built.

WHAT IS a cable road?
Cable road is one of the types of transport used for transporting passengers or cargo.

Is a cabin trailer or chairs connected with a traction rope, which provides a moving car in the air without touching the earth’s surface.

Ropeway can move up to 2000 people per hour, or have the capacity to 1000 tons over the same period of time.

Cableway will have three stops. The first on the “Vladimir’s Hill”, the second on the Metro “Dnepr” and last one on the “Pechersk landscape park”.

A viewing platform near the Arch of Friendship of Peoples will have excellent transport interchange. From there you can get almost all parts of the city.
Also it is planned to include a hotel complex on the arch of Friendship of Peoples. And the cinema theatre for four thousand people with the transforming walls.

The project was developed by an Austrian company. Under this project a ropeway will have 19 towers and 60 cabins. But before construction begins, it is necessary to hold a series of procedures: public hearings, Town Planning Board, approval for an investor…

The idea is that the construction period is not exceeding 15 months, but anything can be. Plus a restaurant, cafes, viewing platforms … Total 150 feet high, but people can only get to 120.

But this is the idea of ​​designers, but Kiev immediately needs just a cableway. We’ll wait.