The capital of Ukraine has followed to examples of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Boston and Tokyo. Now in Kiev you may visit a sculpture to a frog. Its weight is 6 tons and it is settled not far from the place where in 1980th was a very popular dance place called a “Frog”. This place also is suitable for its habitat because there is a museum of the water near by.

This frog statue is created by Oleg Pinchuk project. Many asks him a question: what did he meant creating it? Because for many the frog is associated with envy and greed. As Pinchuk says everyone is free to accept it as they wish, and for him it is a symbol of wealth.

There is a gap in the frogs mouth for putting coins inside of it. There is a ladle in the womb of a frog where money get in. The idea is, if this ladle will be filled to the brim, frog will turn over and all content will pure out. Those be lucky to get them who at this moment would next to the frog.

So someone will get lucky and gets rich at list for a few thousands dollars, that could be inside.

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In comparison with frogs in other countries this sculpture has features inherent only to it alone. Her front legs are placed on the coins. If you look carefully, inside of its mouth there is another muzzle with eyes, nose and mouth that also has a gap to throwing coins in. The author is sure if you throw there even small coin you will get a luck for sure. May be after you will do it you will get all the money which are inside. But most important thing is that people believe: if you have thrown a coin inside the mouth, this would bring you a luck in everything you have planed. May this frog would not bother you, but also helps.