It is impossible to imagine that once our favorite furry whiskered friends were quite wild and not domesticated. There are many opposite versions in this regard.

The Ancient Egyptians once remarked rats and mice that flooded barns and warehouses, more than anything are afraid of cats and they began to ask for help from their gods in the domestication of the cat tribe in their favour what was very successful. In many ancient ruins pictures of cats with collars are still found.

According to another eastern legend, the cats, are derived from a lion’s sneeze themselves came to the man when he began leading a sedentary life, as they could not tolerate a nomadic life. But in any case, the joint life of a man and a cat is more advantageous to man than to a fluffy beauty. As a result, for more than 4 thousand years (maybe more) cats accompany the person through life as a symbol of comfort at home and are protectors of unwanted rodents.

In the East since ancient times cats were worshiped, its murder was equated with man’s murder, the medieval Inquisition killed them, along with witches. Only since the seventeenth century, civilized Europe rehabilitated cats and began breeding them.

One can not say that for cats in terms of deification everything returned to normal life, but the establishment of a monument in the city center has become an event. Since March 16, Bessarabska district in the city center is decorated with a sculpture of a red cat, who stares very startled on a showcase near the «Prad-a-cafe».

The Kiev sculptor Vladimir Bilokon calls himself not a sculptor, but an inventor. His sculpture is called “Leaving a fear to reflections”. “A Red cat walking along the road, was looking for a girlfriend. Suddenly he saw in the window his reflection, and scared. – says the artist – A cat of an unknown breed, attenuated of hunger and winter cold. And apparently, in a cafe he will not succeed to eat. But he hopes that someone will feed him – bessarabian upbringing affects”.

Over time, it is planned to move the monument to another location. So the cat will travel. To Work on the cat’s sculpture, the artist devoted all his spare time, intending to make a gift to the birthday of his girlfriend.

The Cat on Bessarabka has already got the nickname ” March” for no apparent reason – He was searching for a girlfriend or it is due to its appearance in March? Anyway, its scared appearance is not associated with March.

The real march cats look like and behave quite differently. Fellows of a red cat in March, have a mass psychosis and they are screaming about sexual thirst. And female cats turn out to behave not like male cats, while yelling, not less.

Cats have the same tactics, with the sorcerers of the same movie “The goal I see – the obstacles I do not notice” and with this slogan even through walls up to the full realization of his instinct, still yelling.

When the goal is reached, they are silent. Cats do not tolerate such straightforwardness. Seeing a cat, she stops screaming and is waiting. If the cat is attacking her too roughly, she can beat him. Later, after looking, she can flirt and allow him to get closer.

It becomes clear why there is the term “March cat” and not “The March Female Cat”. It is a symbol of clear, persistent, aggressive sexual behavior, in contrast to a feminine expectant tactics of cats.

On the intimate details of feline behavior, Vladimir Bilokon knows not much. Ironically, in his house cat spirit is absent.

Inspired by his own creation, he is now looking for a red-haired kitten of any breed, but only a short-haired. We wish the author of “The Tree with chairs” and “Valentine’s lanterns” success in all his arenas.

Additional Information:
Address: Kiev, Bessarabska Square, 2 (a landmark – a restaurant Prad-a-Cafe and Bessarabskiy market)

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