Recently, in the picture of our life more vividly and clearly fit the touches of oriental culture and traditions. All of us have used to Eastern rhythms on the dance floors of Kiev. A significant portion of either on radio occupied by Eastern performers. There are many restaurants that offer Oriental cuisine snacks. More recently on the streets of Kiev started opening numerous cafes and restaurants offering Japanese cuisine.

It should be noted that all the abundance of Eastern traditions – in general a Japanese culture and above privacy a Japanese cuisine occupy a special place in culture.

The main features of Japanese cuisine are in great use of seafood, the use of natural ingredients with minimal processing. There also exists an entire science of serving the table, the dish decorating and table manners. Along with other attractions Japanese cuisine takes one of the key positions in the tourism industry – a Country of Rising Sun.

The basis of most Japanese food is a rice. As the main ingredients are used seafood, seaweed, soy, vegetables, flour and meat.

A special place in Japanese cuisine takes a tableware. An elegant fragile snow-white tableware – by its view it looks like tender sensual miniature of the beautiful Japanese women. You will not confuse Japanese porcelain with any other because of its appearance and forms.

The most popular Japanese food that was recently well-known to our inhabitants.

Sushi – a peculiar national dish, made of special kind of rice and raw seafood.
Sushi divided in two major types.

– an oblong small rolled up lump of cooked rice decorated with raw fish, seaweed or vegetables.;

– a roll, it is a thin sheet of seaweed rolled into roll and filled with seafood, rice and vegetables.

Sashimi – it is thinly sliced raw seafood. Served with traditional vegetables, rice and seaweed.

Yakitori – fish slices strung on a small skewer, or pieces of meat, shrimps, vegetables in the form of kebabs.

Also Japanese Cuisine offers to its connoisseurs traditional miso-soup, Japanice pilaf- Chahal, cooked rice-hogan with different additives, and also tempura (vegetables, fruits, meat or seafood dipped in butter).

Besides namely this dishes, Japanese cuisine pays a great care to table setting and serving dishes order during the meals.

All details and secrets of Japanese feast make up the entire science which is taught in special schools.



Japanese Cuisine is widely represented in Kiev with its national cafes and restaurants. Here is a list some of them:

Restaurant “Tokyo”
Restaurant “Yellow Sea”
Restaurants “Murakami”
Japanese Sushi-Bar “Tanuki”
Japanese restaurants “Sushiya”