Such heat as this summer has not been traced in Ukraine for already 140 years. People escaped from it as they could. Kiev residents were lucky in August –the river taxi was launched on the Dnieper river.

A 10-seat pontoon boat and 6-berth motor yacht are involved in an experiment so far. In “Pleso” is involved into passenger cab driving, which purchased with the help of foreign investors, an exclusive boat of American production for 30 thousand dollars.

Externally, a taxi-boat is like a mini-bar with a little motor. Beige colour reigns here everywhere – both sofa upholstery and carpets. Small round white table has special grooves for the cups and glasses. It is located next to the driver’s seat. Table is not meant for drinking alcoholic beverages; they are not offered here, although the passengers are not banned from taking them along. As protection from rain a special beige layer is used. It is pulled over the pontoon and has transparent windows.

River taxi are moored on two bases – in Bereznyaky and Obolon. Orders for them are accepted at the bases themselves, or by phone 066-256-04-46. You can call the water taxi to anywhere in Kiev, where the Dnieper and its tributaries flow. And a taxi can moor where it will be convenient for passengers. There are only taxis during the day. A person in an intoxicated condition is not allowed to be on board.

The cost of 10 minutes of travel on a pontoon boat is 100 UAH, half an hour – 150 UAH, per hour – 300 UAH. The yacht is more expensive: 150 UAH – 10 min., 200 UAH – half an hour, 400 UAH – per hour. Normal taxi can cost three times cheaper, but because of traffic jams, you can stand for more than an hour, so river one is more advantageous.

Michael Choban, the Director of Public Relations of communal enterprise “Pleso, said that the purpose of creating such a site – is to promote a more rapid movement of passengers within Kiev. By the beginning of next season there is a plan to start up more than a dozen river taxis on the Dnieper river and create 8 parking bases, since the current mooring river station is too high – it is impossible to set down passengers.

The season of river taxis in the capital of Ukraine lasted less than a month. The boats had already left for the winter. The main jetty at Obolon is dismantled. Next season promises more river taxis. Prices for this will remain the same.

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