korablikWhat does a man dream of in hot summer months? Who’s in anticipation of trips to the country, who to the sea, and who dreams about overseas countries, but for any holiday is a prerequisite – the presence of “big water”! Those who are fortunate enough – spend their holidays lying serenely on the banks of the river or the sea, and what shall do those who work? For them there is a nice solution – a cruise on a ship or boat on the main river of Ukraine – the Dnieper.

A Cruise is a kind of tourist travel, which is carried on a ship or boat, and can also pass on the river or sea. This trip includes accommodation, meals and entertainment on the ship during the trip.

Even in ancient Egypt, river transport was the main transport used to transport people and cargo. The first boats were built in the IV millennium BC, they were of several types: sailing, rowing and draft (which pulled the horses or people on the coast). Since then and up to early 18 th century, the development of river and sea transport went through several stages, and as a result, with the advent of steam engines, the first cruise ships appeared.

Originally the cruise was called a sea walk on a passenger vessel. For the first time this term was used in the nineteenth century, during the period when the Europeans went to America. During this act of emigration transatlantic routes were opened, which brought comers to the New World.

The most famous ship of the time, which accomplishes such trips, was the ship Queen Mary 2, though the carriage were irregular, because the ship was involved in other cruise lines. 1844 saw the launch of the Mediterranean cruises, which were opened by a popular today company Peninsular and Oriental (P & O). In the early 20 th century there were a ship that was capable to make cruises throughout the year.

It is worth noting that in the 20th century, despite the stagnation during the World War I, the main emphasis has been placed on improving comfort and quality of transportation customers, which resulted in the refurbishment of cabins, improved quality of service on board. Best results were achieved by the Americans, Germans and British, who turned the cruise ships in the luxury hotels afloat.

The Soviet Union began to develop the cruise lines in the second half of the 20 th century, then one of the most popular destinations from the company “Intourist” was opened. The route ran from Odessa to Leningrad (St Petersburg) on the coastline of Europe or the Black Sea. Also a cruise to the Far East was organized, which lasted 20 days.

A blow in the cruise business has caused the development of aviation. An opportunity to cross large distances in a short time quickly gained their clients.

Today, the direction of goods transportation by sea and rivers is more developed – this is caused by a low-cost delivery, compared with rail and air ways. Freight transport can be carried out on ships and boats and barges that are pulled by a tow. The size of the vessel depends on the size of the cargo. Cargoes which are transported by water are also different: from the clothes and products to the oil and construction materials.

panorama korabl

Panoramic view of the Dnipro

Sea Cruises offer many opportunities to view several Mediterranean countries in a single cruise. These cruises can last from 3 days to three months – depending on the desires of clients and remoteness of objects which are desirable to visit from the place of departure.

River Cruises are the Cruises taking place along the rivers. They can be either on the territory of one state, and cover several countries united by one river. Among the most popular river cruises are cruises on the Dnieper River, the Rhine, Nile, Senegal and other major rivers of Europe.
River transportation is also implemented with the help of ferries and ferry services.

Also Sea-river cruises are met when part of the path runs along the river, which flows into the sea. For example, cruise Kiev-Odessa.

Boats and cruise liners are also gradations of classes: from economy class to luxury. Liners can be 2, 3, 4-deck vessels with cabins for single occupancy, and for family of 4 people. At the board there are: restrooms, restaurants, bars, halls for entertainment and, of course, places to relax on the deck.

In Kiev, river cruise season opens with the arrival of warm spring. Walking along the Dnieper river will start at 10:00 and till the evening. If you want to ride on a boat, welcome to the River Station, where from each berth ships depart for a walk. The most popular walks along the Dnieper river with panoramic views of Kiev, last up to an hour. Also evening walks with disco, which begin in the evening and last two hours are popular.

Among the popular river cruises in the world there are cruises on the Amazon (South America), Danube (Europe), Nile (Egypt), Enisey (Russia), Lena (Russia), as well as Volga (Russia). River cruises are very popular in Europe, where one river unites several European countries.

If you want to ride on the boat and see the beautiful panoramic view of Kiev, then go to the River Station.

Getting aboard at the address:
Kiev, River Station (Metro Poshtova Ploscha), Postal Square, 3