In Kiev, two hotels 210 meters in height are planned to build. As it turned out: this architectural project was conceived in 2005, and in 2008 it was altered to make it higher.

A Plant “Arsenal” is investing the Construction having invested into the project $ 200 million. First 5 floors are expected to be given for offices; in the building there are 238 apartments in total, of which only one is remaining unsold. A Problem remains the size of the underground parking – it can simultaneously accommodate 284 cars, which is very small. But even in this situation the project was approved.

It is interesting enough that this skyscraper is not visible from any place of Kiev. It is not visible from the Arsenal square and the square of Lesya Ukrainka, although distance between them is minimal. And from the rest of the city complex is noticeable better than the tallest building in Kiev – the shopping centre “Parus”.

As conceived by the former chief architect of Kiev Sergey Babushkin, the Independence square should be decorated by a skyscraper that has no analogues in Ukraine. The height of the proposed skyscraper is about 210 meters! It should have 67 floors above ground and 7 underground ones. Architects plan to give it the streamlined milder form – the object will look like a flag mounted on the top of the hill. They want to achieve softness through the colour-tinted glasses.

This architectural complex will be the last stage of reconstruction of the Independence square, which began in 2000.

Additional Information:
Date of alleged commissioning: 2016
Number of floors: 67