Where is the city best seen? Indigenous people immediately name five places, because they were not once just admiring the sunset or were there just at night. But, what can answer a tourist? Right! Watch the city one can on the viewing platform.

Every country, even each city has its own viewing platforms. In Paris there are three sites of Eiffel Tower. Every romantic or just a tourist should certainly get there. And the greatness of Lviv can be assessed only from the High Castle – the whole city, in full view.

But, oddly enough, there are no such sites in the capital of Ukraine. Of course, one can see the city on several points such as: the Arch of Friendship of Peoples or Vladimirskaya Gorka.

Yes, there is a playground at the Mariinsky park, as well as the bell tower of St. Sophia Cathedral, St. Michael’s Cathedral and the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. But this is not the core. The view is simply incomparable, one can not an argue, but still not the whole Kiev can be seen.

Although there is good news both for tourists and for residents of the capital. In September, on the roof of a residential complex “Alexander” the first observation deck was opened.

To the height of the building (1000025 floors), which is more than 100 meters, was added the fact that Alexander’s Slobidka is almost the highest place in Kiev.

This ensures a wide range of viewing, much wider than the other observation sites of the capital.

View of the apartment complex

From this lookout place you can see Kyiv in all its glory. The contrast between the old buildings and glass rods of new business centres, narrow streets and spacious squares, green parks and infrastructure facilities. Of course, not selected pictures, but the greatness of Kiev is amazing.

To admire this view can not only people with absolute sight, but all the others. Though, and the first will also get a help such as an optical glasses, which can be given to anyone.

And, as usual, the advantages of this observation deck do not end in view of all parts of the capital. That’s right, it’s not a Ferris wheel. Anyone who wants will be able to have a snack or a cup of coffee, and who needs – surf the Internet (complimentary WI-FI) completely at ease.

Coffee, sky, night lights and, of course, a couple in love or quiet solitude. In addition, round the clock observation platform promises visitors not only spectacular sunsets, sunrises, shooting stars in the clear sky, but also contemporary art exhibitions.

Although, an exhibition of works of almost forgotten craft of glass blowers is promised, rarely you can see their creations.

Floor of residential complex “Alexander” is in Solomenskiy district, so that people looking for beauty, inspiration and elevation can immediately go there!