Retro-tramKiev is a unique city. Its uniqueness is impersonated in everything: the beautiful buildings of ancient times and modern times, it is rightly called the greenest citiy in Europe, it is also reputed to be the city’s most beautiful women and hospitable people. But there is another uniqueness that has long been commonplace in the turmoil of days – it is transport. 

Urban transport capital – these are buses and trolley buses, taxis, subway and cable cars and trains that ply around the city – trams. Many of us are accustomed to the modern view of the tram, some call it trolley on the rails, but few people know that since its arrival, it has not always worked on electricity, and horse transport was widespread.

The HISTORY of Kiev tram:
The first who spoke of necessary electric vehicles in Kyiv was Apollo F. Pirotsky, seeing that horse transport has no longer coped with this task.

In 1876 Pirotsky invents the transmission of electricity on the rack and presents his invention in Germany at the exhibition, and 4 years later in St. Petersburg presents the finished project. In the same year on August 22 Pirotsky presents a converted hard-working coach of the future tram. Beginning in 1886 in Kiev the construction of horse railway designed by the famous engineer, AE Struve was started.

Originally mounted railway road was assigned for cars with the horse carriage. Such operations began its work on the 30th of July 1891. But over time it became clear that the possibility of a horse is not enough to pull the van down the hill, the more is that the car was designed for 25 passengers. The first line of horse railway, which started the streetcar, ran on the very steep Alexander’s descent, now it is named Vladimir’s descent, and connects the top Kiev with Podol.

The line was a mile long, and launched the first tram on June 13, 1892. Beginning from the 1893 lines for the tram began to run through the centre of the modern Ukrainian capital – on Pechersk, Vladimir’s street, from the central part of the city and to Lukyanovka through modern Lviv’s square. By the beginning of 20 century, the line connecting the Bessarabian square and Kiev’s Polytech, and other central streets also operated in Kiev, but in the early 20th century the development of the tram transport was stopped in connection with the announcement of the First World War.

In 1922 the tram sector of the capital started its restoring, which in consequence, makes it a major public transport at that time.
October 1941 – January 1945 was marked by the termination of the tram at the beginning of World War II, but only passenger traffic not the cargo one. Hostilities and the liberation from the Nazis have caused great losses to the tram transport in Kiev, so after the war active recovery and development of the tram lines begin.

Since 1951 to 1978, a network of lines on Podol toward Svyatoshino on the left bank is developing, but also the removal of tram lines in the city center (district Kreshchatik) starts. It is interesting that in Darnitsa a tram runs on gasoline, not on electricity. In 1978, a significant event occurs – in Kyiv a high-speed rail starts to operate. The length of this line was more than 285 km, and still is the longest in Kiev.

The Modern Kiev tram

The Modern Kiev tram

Today, the tram transport begins to give road to a railless transport, which is caused by the desire to provide convenience for moving of cars and buses. On the right bank of Kiev the tram lines (except for light rail) were practically dismantled, on the left bank the tram lines operate until now, but in the Leningrad’s square they were removed and replaced by trolleybuses.

Today Kiev has three tram depots.

Nostalgia is a serious matter; according to this the authorities of tram household of Kiev has decided to launch a “rarity” model of the tram for tours in the city. This tram is not the usual one, being its passenger, you can learn a great deal about the history of the tram household in Kiev, and at the same time, you can, sitting at a nice table, enjoy coffee and delicacies.

For those who would like to take a tour on the old tram, you must know that every Saturday at 11:00 am this rare tram begins its “march” from Kontractova square (near the fountain Samson), through the embankment and to the glorious avenue of Friendship of Peoples.

A Tram itself is blue with iron bars (which are now replaced by the doors), inside finishing of wood, as well as a site from two sides, one of which is a machinist’s place.

Would you like to celebrate a birthday or other significant date “creatively”? One of these ideas is riding a rarity tram. Today it is possible to book a walk on such a tram for you and your friends.

An Excursion on the retro-tram

An Excursion on the retro-tram

Presenting the most popular excursions on the retro-tram:
Kontraktova Square – the embankment- Blvd Friendship of Peoples (and the opposite direction)
To get on this trip it is possible every Saturday at 11:00 (during the summer to refine), the tram departs from the Samson fountain at Kontraktova Square.

You will make a Journey on the blue tram, which is exactly the same model of the first tram: Interior of wood, iron bars as doors, and two grounds on the sides, one of which is for a tram driver. During the trip, the tour guide will accompany you who will tell a lot of interesting things from the history of the streetcar and tram sector development in Kiev. The cost of an excursion – 50 UAH.

Kotraktova square – the Paton’s bridge – Kontraktova square

Another trip on the blue tram. Its uniqueness is that while the guide’s story, you’ll stop in the most interesting places. The van is for 26 seats. The entire trip takes two hours.

It is also possible to rent a tram for celebration. A tramcar is designed for 21 people and can offer you several choices: Bridge Paton, Pusha-Vodytsya, Borshchagovka, Obolon, Otradnyi.

You’d be surprised, but among the spouses, there are also willing to celebrate the marriage on a retro-tram – funny and unusual!

Companies that provide services organizing excursions to the retro-tram:

Cultural and entertainment centre “Vіtayu”
Kiev, Pobedy av., of. 114
Tel: 044 228 9802, 272 4619, 067 683 9007
Cost: excursion program – 1500 USD for the entire tramcar, tramcar rental for the celebration – from 10 am to 07 pm – 500 UAH per hour, from 7 pm to 10 pm – 600 UAH per hour. Minimal order – 2 hours. When ordering routes Pusha-Vodice and Paton’s bridge for more than 4 hours, you get a discount 100 UAH.

Adress: Kiev, Panasa Murnogo str, 16/13
Tel: 044 235 1114, 067 509 5115
Cost: needed to clarify

Adress: Kiev, Krasnozvezdnii av., 119, Business-centre “Cristal”, of. 234
Tel: 044 360 02 32(1000033)
Price: 120 UAH per person. (Order for 10 + a buffet), 95 UAH per person. (Order for 20 + a buffet), 25 UAH per person. (No buffet)

The first tour desk
Adress: Kiev, Shekavitskaya str., 30/39,  of. 4
Tel: 044 227 7778
Rental price: from 10 to 20 – 450 UAH / hour, from 20 to 22 – 500 UAH per hour. Guide service (100002 hours) – 400 UAH.