If in front of you will be placed a plate with fruits, where be an orange, an apple, a grape, a banana, peach and kiwi, what would you choose? Eight people of ten would choose a banana.

Fresh and sweet fruit that quenches the appetite and is useful for people which have heart and stomach diseases. What, if I would say that you are able to try a new sort of beer brewed of bananas. Such a beer exists, and it is produced in African countries.

Beer into African countries was brought by sailors from Europe, especially the local people liked the light beer.

Africans decided to reproduce this drink bot only of products that they have in abundance. So banana African beer had appeared.

Mostly banana beer is produced in two countries – Burundi and Uganda. In those countries almost 50 % of banana harvest are sent to factories that produce such hop drink and make it using different sorts of bananas.

The most popular beer is made of green bananas. It has a specific aroma and pleasant aftertaste. Would you agree that such a beer would satisfy even ladies? By the way, this beer has a higher quantity of “degrees” then a usual one because it has 28% an alcohol.

Where would we taste a banana beer?

To try this African drink you can in Africa. Don’t be upset, Czech brewers tried to reproduce this drink in their factories, and what they got – you may try.