The shortest path connecting the upper part of the city with a Podol district – definitely is Andrew’s descent. Its name street got in the time when Andrew’s church was built, in the middle of XVIII century.

St. Andrew’s Church.

Its development became an act of gratitude the Emress Elisabeth to authorities presented to her a fateful meeting with Ukrainian young man Alexa Rasum, who later became the Earl Razumovsky and her husband. The church was built by a great architect Rastrelli.

It situated in the top of the hill and you can see it from down of the Podol and Vozdvigenskaya street.
As we know from a legend Saint Andrew came up to the hill and put a cross in this place and said a prophecy about wonderful future to great city.

From that time in the hill have changed many old wooden churches which were built without any bell.
But it was strong reason, because ancient Russians used to believe that Kiev’s hills were situated in the shore of the great sea that was partly hidden among hills at a time when the cross was put by St. Andrew. Afraid to waken the sleeping sea by bell’s ringing, churches were built without bells.

The passage among two hills

In 1711 to make the passage between Zamkovaya and Andreyevskaya hills that connected Old Kiev and Podol district more easier and more comfortable not for people only but also for transport, Kiev’s authority ordered to expand the passage.

In 1920 revolutionary government renamed Andrew’s Descent into G.V. Liver street but in 1944 the former name was given back.

So it was decided to return to the street old name. Development of St. Andrew’s descent was mainly carried out during 90s XIX century and in the beginning of XX century.


The stairs up to Horevitsa mountain

Kiev’s monmartr

Andrew’s descent is saved its original appearance. It became a Kiev Monmartr, it attracts many artists, musicians and actors. An atmosphere of old inspires artists and musicians. Silent music and not a big number of people has mesmerizing effect to a soul.

In fact paying a mere pittance, we get in touch with smb. soul that try to express themselves in melody, rhythm, drawing.

The house # 13

Most of the Andrew’s descend buildings are a heritage of Kiev history. The house #13 is famous of that in 1918-1919 it was a temporary shelter of Michail Bulgakov. The writer loved Kiev very much, and most of his books heroes used to live here.

Richard Lion heart’s castle

Little up there is a building that was built in 1902 with its unusual romantic forms, resembling a castle. It has a name “Richard Lion Heart’s castle”.

Some wants to believe that especially Richard has visited it, is a mere fiction – the building was built in XX century, and Richard has not been alive around 200 years already. Andrews descent is also well known as the street were used to live many artists.

Modern architects renewed and stylized a descent into the spirit of the old that attracts people with its Podol panorama and its cast-iron lanterns manufactured according to old drawings and give the unique charm to the street.

Andrew’s descent is a real museum like Arbat in Moscow and Monmartre in Paris. Every spring here are performed traditional holidays and exhibitions.

Besides when Ukraine got its Independence, Andrew’s descent became one of the most favorite places to celebrate Kiev Day and Independence Day.

While you go down you will see many cozy bars and cafes where you be able to breath aroma of Old and to feel yourself rested.

During the years a while a church has been built the street built by houses with a width of only 8,5 meters of the street, basically there was not a single line of the building.

To a middle of the XIX century street became wider and gradually was built up the whole. In the beginning of the XX century. Architectural ensemble almost formed and in general preserved to our time.
Because to the mountainous terrain development of the street has been always limited. In view of this the part of buildings situated separate and has complicated shape plans. Andrew’s church is a main accent of ensemble of street; whether you go up or down you will see its domes from any place.

Untitled_Panorama1 copy

Andrew’s descent architecture

By the buildings located along Andrew’s descent you may learn Kiev architecture history XIX century. For buildings of the first part of XIX century is characteristically having only one floor. They are already rebuilt but still in classic style.

Representatives of the middle and a second half of XIX century – several one-storey wattle and daub houses and two floor built of wood but richly decorated with wood carvings. The largest group of buildings – two-storey houses built in the late XIX century. They look pretty sharp and have a complicated facade décor, that tells of the wealth of their owners.

The line of XIX -XX centuries was marked with construction boom that destroyed many few-storey buildings sprang up like mushrooms.

House-Terem had two nice domes now it has no them a long time ago but you can see the house very clear from the Podol area.

Richard Lion heart castle the most high building in the descent has its own history. It was designed for St.

Petersburg but was not built. Published in 1901 project attracted on Kiev contractor D. Orlov. The castle has asymmetric extended shape. From the observation deck can see Andrew’s church and Podol area.


Starting of April 1985 on the descent every year are held festivals. Little by a little the artists have turned the descent into the street vernissage with creative workshops and art saloons.

Descent became nicer with its couple stoned road, old lanterns and fresh facades

During 90s were fixed storm drains. Were restored some buildings, was capitally repaired Richard Castle.

Descent has a positive energy

It turns out that the center line of the Kiev temples is put through the oldest mountain – Starokievskaya. There are seven spiritual centers in Kiev. During the observations from the space

behind Ukrainian crystal shield scientists have discovered that this line coincides with the deep seated faults, which are spot out of the exciton gas, which also has a name – positive plasma.

All the temples built exactly in places where able to feel the beneficial effects of energy flows, there he fells the Grace of God.

So, Andrew’s descent is situated at this line. That is why this descent has such an aura and history. Namely here you may get energetic power and God’s Grace.

So, you have to walk not in the hurry along Andrew’s descent, to leave your problems alone to get a positive energy for to salve any problems you might have. No, no, no problems, and questions. If we have such places of power – we would not have problems at all.