Teddy bear

On the eve of the New Year 2011 the Ukrainian capital will host an exhibition devoted to a favorite childhood toy – a teddy-bear Teddy. «Cultkiev» found out that the Exhibition “Kiev Teddy Land 2010” would be held from 21 to 26, December this year.

The venue for the first Ukrainian exhibition “Kyiv Teddy Land 2010” was chosen the “Chocolate House” in Kyiv, which was opened after restoration in Lypky on the street Shelkovichna. The main idea of creating such an exhibition is to pay tribute to a favorite children’s toy from around the world – the Teddy Bear . The exhibition will present pieces from all over the world’s best known toy brands, among them: Me ToYou, Boyds, Fizzi Moon, Steiff and others.

You will also find teddy bears from private collections, copies of the handicraft, as well as vintage Potapych whose age exceeds the age of some visitors.

In addition to teddy bears, Christmas and New Year gifts will be put up at the exhibition “The Kyiv Teddy Land 2010”.

The competitions for the best Christmas tree, the teddy-makers’ competition, and master-classes how to create a bear on your own will be held to entertain guests.

Each day of the show will be finished with a classical music concert.

An estimated cost of attending the event – 30 hryvnas.

A Caricature "Theodore Roosevelt and the bear "

A Caricature “Theodore Roosevelt and the bear”

A Bear is a popular character in many fairy tales and folklore stories of many countries. Teddy bear, known to all inhabitants of the post-Soviet space, is named Winnie the Pooh, the English bear is known as Paddington Bear, the American one is the Teddy Bear. The image of bears is presented in many stories and cartoons in European countries.

The emergence of Teddy bears is directly linked with the U.S. President Roosevelt. There is a true story that the president spared an animal tied to a tree, and then a cartoon appeared. It depicted Roosevelt and a bear.

Why was it called Teddy? It is a simple story, Teddy is the nickname of the president Roosevelt. The very first toy Teddy appeared with an easy flow of Morris Michmont’s wife, the Russian immigrant. He was an owner of a toy store, and his wife sewed a cute bear and exhibited it for sale. Americans liked the toy and the president himself authorized the usage of his name.

Unfortunately the inventors didn’t patented Potapich, thereby allowing to produce bear-cubs to anyone who feels like it.

The most expensive teddy bear for the entire history of its existence is mohair Bear born in 1929. A collector bought it for 90 thousand U.S. dollars.

This is the second century teddy bear is the favorite toy of millions of children and adults. The whole stories and cartoons are dedicated to him. All over the world more than 20 the teddy bear museums are opened. And the most interesting is that that the USA, Britain and some European countries have established the teddy bear’s day- October,27.

Here’s he – a teddy bear!

Additional Information:
Address of Location: Kyiv, Shelkovychna, 17 / 2 ( Klovskaya underground station)
Dates: December, 21-26. 2010

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