Do you know that in the World exists emerald-green colored beer? If you have not knew yet, will tell you about it.

We’ll open a secret: the addition of bamboo into already brewed beer does make green color. In Asian Countries a bamboo is the sort of plant, which is usually added in food. For instance many of us tried bamboo shoots or bamboo sauce. And the leaves of bamboo use for making an unfiltered beer.

It worthy to notice that this kind of beer is patented by Russian company “Trading Company Gedeon” and produces on its factory. It is an innovative product, that has been released for sale in a wide range of customers. Creators of such beer are sure that it would surprise beer gourmets and would satisfy tastes of many consumers.
Bamboo beer has an emerald-green color and refreshing bamboo smell. Its unique features will help to get a boost of energy, to take off tiredness and bring up immunity.

Besides of that this beer is useful for people with a heart diseases, because of peptides, flavonoid compounds, minerals and antioxidants it has. And the most amazing thing that the extract of bamboo stops the synthesis of carcinogens.

Bamboo green beer – is a combination of well-established traditions of high brand new innovation in brewing.