As is known around any events and things there are many myths that are taken as facts. And beer is not an exception, centuries-old and popular drink is surrounded with considerable number of myths that are considered as avowed facts.

Some of them we’ll debunk in this article.


1.For to drink beer its needs to be cold.

Of course cool beer is not only pleasant by its taste, but also perfectly quenches thirst. But do not get go to extremes, when beer is cooled to the law temperature, and afterwards is poured in frozen glass. The brewers recommend to keep each kind of beer at a certain temperature, that helps to disclose its flavor and quality.

2.Bitter beer – tasty beer

Beer should not necessarily be bitter. For instance Czech famous beer “Velkopovitsky goat” has sweet malt flavor, due to the use of the sweet malt wort in the production of varieties.

3.More hops – the stronger the beer is

It is absolutely incorrect statement. Actually hop gives bitterness, flavor, froth and the beer taste of course. During the ancient times brewing did without any hops, later was decided to add it for the deposition the protein in the wort-boiling (the coagulation process).

4.Dark beers is stronger then a light beer

Just another error. The density of beer and its strength are not determined by its color. The dark color of the beer is achieved by the adding a roasted or caramelized malt.

5.Drink beer in three divided doses

Many of you read that it is recommended to drink beer by three gulps. Such a way gives you an opportunity to feel the beer taste. But imagine for a second that in front of you 1liter glass full of hop drink. You should drink beer with pleasure!

6.In strong beer is added an alcohol

This is a full bosh. The use of brewer’s yeast helps to produce beers of 13 % of alcohol. And what for more? By the way to top up alcohol is prohibited by law.

7.Living beer is healthier.

What is it, a living beer? As a matter of fact it is a beer where in yeast are still, but marketers say that this kind of beer is more useful then ripened beer. There are known the facts when fermented beer was served instead of living beer, and also for brewing was used low-cost hardware. But it had a success – a lively and useful.

8.Better to take a beer on tap

One more fullish thing, that some one came up with one day. First of all, beer that bottled at the plant is the same, but into different containers. Secondly there are some sorts of the beer that continue to ripen in the bottle. And most important that skilled sellers have learned to dilute the beer right in the barrel.

9.Beer does not taste good without snacks

That is full bosh! A real beer gourmet will say to anyone, that to feel a real beer taste you should to drink beer without any snacks, at list with cheese.

10.Light beer is a bad beer.

Who said that a light beer is bad drink? This is the most consumable drink that is popular all over the world.