Let us ask you, are you imagine Japanese Samurai leisure? I suppose most of you would answer that a real Samurai leisure is in perfecting the power of spirit and a body, learning the ancient fighting treatises, Japanese wise men works and infinite trainings with swords. Already foresee your surprise when you’ll get to know that in the Land of Rising Sun has been cultivated production and consumption of beer for a long time.

The first mention of Japanese beer were found in the chronicles of XII century. As known, in 1870 Japanese even sent a delegation to Germany with a purpose to learn and to perfect a culture of brewing from German brewers.

Since that time Japanese brewers are very actively improve their technologies and the recipes of brewing the most popular drink among men all over the world. Namely Japanese with their inherent technocratic and veneration of ancient traditions came up with a unique beer mikrofiltration technology using ceramic. As a result of such processing the beer gets rid of unwanted trace elements. The storage period of such beer markedly increases that allows to avoid

A glass of cool, fresh amber colored beer – it that what does man need after long and hard day of work. It is perfectly relaxes, gives a feeling of lightness to the thoughts and bliss throughout the body.

The brewing in Japan started actively to develop in the end of XIX century. First it became known in 1873 when it was officially announced on the opening of the first beer factory. Since that time consumption and production market in Japan is constantly growing. Beer has been compete in popularity long with other classic alcoholic drink – Sake. For today Japan is on the list of ten countries – the largest producers and consumers of beer. In Japanese beer sounds like “beru” that means a barley foamy drink. And it consonant with the familiar to us “beer”. The roots of those two words are the same. The name of Japanese beer came up from European Continent.

The leader of the beer market in Japan has long been a brand “Asahi”. After this brand are produced such kinds of beer as Asahi Gold – rich flavored beer, Asahi Z – classical light. Asahi First Lady – “for ladies” with a low calories amount, sweet and bitter kind – Asahi’s Stout, Asahi Kuronama, and dark – Asahi Black. In the European market a great popularity has a beer “Asahi Super Dry”. It has been produced in 1987 and is considered the quintessence of all Japanese brew production.

Feel yourself a Samurai – have a Japanese Beer!