If your wife complains that you do not eat soups, and only drink beer, – ask her to cook a beer soup! Germans have loved and revered hop drink for a long time. They liked it as much as they used it for cooking different dishes and even for baking.

Here is one original German recipe of the Beer Soup.

A little about its history:
Those kinds of soups are popular and traditional in Germany. Even in 18th century when ruled Fridrich II this soup was served for king’s lunches. Fridrich II used to say that he grew up with this soup. Beer soup is not only useful, but also was an important part of German traditions.
Beer soup recipe:

We offer to you two recipes of this soup that cook with white or dark beer.

Salted beer soup


– 0,5 liter of the dark beer
– 0,5 liter of the meet clear soup
– 100 gr. of cream
– 4 egg yolks and 1 egg
– salt
– allspice
– greens

How to cook:

To cook this kind of soup is very simple, you may very easy to cook it if your wife will refuse. For the start pure beer into saucepan and already cooked clear soup, add pepper and salt according to your taste, bring to boil. Take it off the fire, add 1 yolk and cream, decor it with greens.

Stir glairs with mixer into foam and decorate a soup.
Served with white toasts, but you may use rye rusks as well.

Sweet Beer Soup


– 0,5 liter of light beer
– 0,5 liter of milk
– a glass of cream
– 100-120gr. of raisins
– 3 egg yolks
– 1 table spoon of starch
– salt according to a taste
– sugar – 5 tb. Spoons
– 1 tea spoon of cinnamon

How to cook:

In the saucepan mix beer, milk and cream. Separately pure 50 ml of this mixture into glass and add starch.

Then milk and beer mixture pure into the saucepan, add sugar, salt, raisins and bring it to boil. After it boiled add a starch and boil it again.

After taking it off the fire add eggs, sugar and cinnamon according to taste.

Any of those soups might become a worthy menu of festive table decoration.