Juniper Berry beer – is not it sounds nice? Native beer fans are not spoiled with such a kind. Many of them have not heard about such at all.

Probably you have guessed already what component is added to traditional hops and malt.
Needs to mention that there is a type of beer without hops. But the taste of such drink is quite specific and seats up to amateur.

In comparison to traditional sorts this beer has a number of useful advantages. Juniper Berry beer brewed with a honey has an immunostimulating effect, so it is recommended to use for the prevention of colds and flu. You need to remember, before drinking, you need to heat it. Drink it by a little before and after meals.

Some European resorts use Juniper Berry beer for bathes to prevent skin disorders and to rich revitalizing and tonic effect. You also need to remember that if you want to get the positive effect, – use a beer only brewed of natural components. And much better if the beer is brewed in home conditions.

Here is a recipe:

100gr. of yeast

16 kg of juniper berries

3 tb. spoons of dry hops


To grind juniper berries and pour cold water (1000035 liters ) and leave it to stay for 24 hours. Then drain and boil on the low fire. While boiling it is necessary to descale. A rest of berries pour into the water and drain. To add three spoons of hops and to boil. Then to mix those two solutions. Than allow to cool and add yeast. Let to stay it for couple days.

To pour it into a glass container. To keep in cold and dry place.

Following the instructions mentioned above, you can cook good Juniper Berry beer at home.