From that time as our ancestors started brewing beer, there have been found more and more benefits. For instance, the ancient Sumerians to get rid of toothache prescribed gargle of the mouth with warm beer and use it inside. Even medieval cosmetologists knew that masks and rubbing of beer contribute the rejuvenation of the skin, and beer baths help to regulate sweating.

Interesting fact: in XVIII century and even in the beginning of XIX in the hospitals a large number of drugs was taken with beer only. In Petersburg until the mid-19th century beer was allowed in hospitals as a tonic, disinfectant for those who would recover.

Scandinavians use a beer as antidepressant, that is a beverage licensed by Ministry of Health. The regular consumption of beer reduces the risk of getting cancer in 2-3 times.

The Munich Institute of Beer scientifically proved that unfiltered beer in comparison with milk, that were taken in the same dozes, is 10 times useful.

And Austrian brewers have something to be proud of, because their beer used to drink a citizen of Graza, Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the childhood he was wick and sickly so someone advised him except of milk and drink beer.