Everyone who likes beer well knows such sorts of beer, as light, dark, white unfiltered and wheaten. Producers who offer those sorts of beer are widely presented in trading networks. Until recently not everyone would guess about of existence another sort of beer – black one. Yes, the black.

Its history starts of XVI-XVII centuries. But even at those times it was not widely spread. Black beer was only brewed in two castles in Germany for a narrow circle of connoisseurs. With the time connoisseurs been gone and the beer too.

A second birth this beer got during 90th the past century. The unique recipe has been renewed and till today this beer acquires more new connoisseurs.

Technology of black beer brewing differs little from traditional. Before adding a yeast the wort is cooled to a certain temperature. Then in a large container begins process of fermentation.

Around in a week beer is separated from the yeast and pumped into tanks where goes a diffusion and carbonating. At list in three month beer is ready.

Should also be noticed that for such beer are used a special yeast for the so-called bottom-fermenting.
Today this beer is brewed not only in Germany, but in Japan as well. Here is used a classical technology of brewing with the rice adding.

Tuborg “Black” is the main representative of black beer in CIS markets. This beer has intense bitter taste due it you will not confuse this beer to any other. An alcohol content in this beer – not less then a 4,8%. Ingredients : maltose syrup, spring water, malt, barley and hops.

To serve this drink is used in tall glass goblets. Beer looks more effective in them.