In the XIX century the Nicholas Chain Bridge was paved over the Dnieper. But in Kiev, there was still a significant water barrier the Rusanovsky duct.

An interesting thing about it is that it wass almost never mentioned, although the descriptions of the Chain Bridge were set. It appears, that a duct looked at that time not so picturesque as it is now.

Over the canal the wooden bridges (100004 pieces) were built on stilts, to move freely to Nikolskaya Slobodka and Brovarske highway.

Do not think that the Kiev district Rusanivka appeared in 1961 as a result of building the world’s first residential neighbourhood on alluvial soils. The History Rusanivka is much older than it might seem. In the documents of XYI-XYII centuries the village Rusanov, tract “Rusanovsky ground” are listed. The reason for the names was either an ancient surname, or the word “fair”, or the abundance of hares in local forests.

In 1906 the first metallic two-span bridge in Rusanivka was elevated, which in 1941 was blown up.

During the construction of residential neighbourhood in 1961 an artificial canal called Rusanovsky was erected. It was decorated by 15-th fountains with lighting, what was exclusive to modern Rusanivka. Schools of fish that clean the bottom of the overgrowth from algae live in the waters of Kiev’s Venice. And across the canal two pedestrian and three road bridges are spanned. The total area of the entire space adjacent to Rusanovskiy channel, is about 41 hectares.

Rusanovsky Boulevard runs almost parallel to the canal bank. Along the bay you can walk along the waterfront Rusanovskaya (100001961), to admire the monument to Gogol, the buildings of hotel Slavutich and cinema “Krakow”. Behind the Rusanovsky gardens amid the greenery of parks the expanse of the Rainbow Lake with the park bridge in its northern part is glittering.


Bridge through the Rusanovsky channel

It is planned that by 2020 the Rusanovsky gardens area will be built up by multi-storeyed buildings. And near the house number 52 in M. Raskovoi street a next footbridge will be erected.