As claim Bulgarian brewers they have enough facts about women breast augmentation that drink their product.

Miracle-beer that makes woman’s breast bigger in the beginning of its creation had another purpose at all – the beer was recommended to women experiencing problems with lactation. For that reason this beer contents special enzymes of wheat and yeast. But as producers say that with regular use of beer there was one more interesting effect – the rapid growth of mammary glands.

The number of beer connoisseurs of the fair half of mankind significantly increased after people began to notice the visual difference in their appearance before the use of the drink and after.

The company-manufacturer claims that using of their product containing only natural ingredients that much easier and safer for a health than plastic surgery.

It should be noted that American scientists say about the data they have is proving that synthetic ingredients contained in most types of modern cosmetics, contribute to early girls puberty and, consequently, an increase in breast size.

Also according to scientists sayings that a large amount of silicon contained in beer has a beneficial effect on the structure and fabric of the human bones.

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A research on this topic has published in Scientific Research Journal – Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture.

On the results of research the scientists of UCLA found the varieties of beer, which are prepared using hops and barley and there is a silicon content over 50 milligrams per liter, that is a greatest amount of the material compared with sift varieties. Also scientists say that a main part of this element is in beer in the form of H2SiO4 (silica acid), easily absorbed by the human body.

As it known, silicon in the human body plays a fundamental role in the growth and the development of bone and connective tissues. Among the scientists is the prevailing opinion that a moderate consumption of beer decreases the risk of osteoporosis, bone mass increases and their fragility decreases.

In the context of consideration of question of beer influence to the human organism it necessary to mark that Spanish Scientists investigated more then 1,700 women past year have found that women who drank beer have bone tissue much denser then who are not. However, as scientists believe, that ladies must thank not a silicon but so-called phytoestrogens. Thus Spanish scientists warn again about the danger of alcohol in their excessive use.

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