As sociological investigation shows, after the USSR collapse nearly one third of the population are nostalgic after the old days which seems bright and carefree now.
Now its became a popular thing to recreate an atmosphere of the former Soviet Union in the restaurant business field : not only as interior but dishes with appropriate names such as: “Builder of Communism”, “Equites- Budennitsa”, “Peace” etc.

In this article we offer you to familiarize with famous Kiev restaurants with a Soviet style.

“Pub #1” Basseinaya str., 15

Here you will be served by waiters in sailor suits, forage caps and red Pioneer ties.
A pub is divided in several zones, an atmosphere of each will help you to immerse into the deep past.
“Revolutionary hall” is full of slogans and posters. The feature of this hall is a locomotive departing from the wall.

“Department store”-hall, the shelves full of preserves, along the walls are sacks of grains and sugar, crates of empties. A distinctive interior detail is that lamps are made of glass jars and enameled bowls. Cabinet hall is in use for non-smokers. Its interior are velvet curtains, green lights, the collected works of the great leader of the proletariat – V. I. Lenin.

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Proletarian Pub “At the barre” Zgilyanskaya, 101

The feature of the pub is a special drink rough dab – a vodka colored with a small amount of beer. The interior co-exists the proletarian minimalism with stout European glamor. You may relax and enjoy your meal at the comfortable sofas of red color of the communist upholstery. The walls are painted with Soviet propagation.


“Verenichnaya “Victory”, Sophiyskaya str., 14

Checked tablecloths, red kitchen utensils in a white polka dots are creating cozy and pleasant atmosphere in this place. The hallmark of the place is a Soviet films and cartoons broadcast at the one of the walls, playing the role of Projectore. In the menu among non-alcohol drinks you will find forgotten Sitro, Baikal, Tarhoon. In the interior your attention would be drawn by the bike near the wall and red telephone booth.


“Petrovich”, Yaroslavskaya str., 5\2

Petrovich club is located in the basement and is a sort of museum, which combines a lot of nastalgic things: knitted napkins, tapestry,toys,busts, radiola. Anyone can make a contribution in the form of retro items of a bygone era that will replenish the exposure. Here you and your friends can play chess, checkers, domino. Music sounds in the place also displays the era of the past century. And yet another distinctive advantage of the club is an opportunity to make their own supply of alcohol if you have not calculated the forces ad ordered more than can overpower. No doubt you will enjoy large meal portions and original names of the dishes.


“Spotikach”restaurant, Vladimirskaya str., 16

This restaurant recreated the atmosphere of the 60s. In the menu are salads: vinigret, mimosa, olliv’ye , homemade sausage, ukrainian borsch, vareniki, mlintzi with different stuffing etc.
Here you can taste branded “Chicken Kiev”. Its territory divided at the several zones: “cristal”, “Cabinet”, “Living”


“Blind Age” Pub, Malaya Zgitomirskaya str., 15

Guitars and bellows help to recreate the retro atmosphere of the place. Here you can see the first black and white TV-sets. If you want to remember the childhood here, you will be aloud for you to play a Horn.

Blind Age

“The Basement” Pub, Artema str., 103

Here is recreated the atmosphere of the soviet plumbers of the 70s. There are different posters and slogans on the walls. If you are boring sitting at the table – welcome to the stairs, where you may have some beer, play the guitar remembering the songs of the Union epoch.


“Partisan” Pub-club

Is situated outside of the city, 12 km away. Novoobuchovskaya road, v. Romankov. In the territory and inside of the Pub made an atmosphere of the times of World War II. It has a couple halls which are named: Joint Stuff, Beer underground, Cabinet Che, Cabinet Machno.












“Comrade Mauser”, Vadima Ghet’mana str., 6 (“Bolshevik” mall)


Inside the concrete gray walls with a real armor, portraits of Lenin and Stalin, camouflage grids, Armor crate. It’s impossible not to notice the samovar with army boot at the bar counter. Menu is named “List of foods” and made as a newspaper. An intriguing dishes named: “Anka Pulemetchitsa figure secret”, “He hails from the people”, “Guerrilla movement”








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