Золотой фонтанSince a long time fountains have adorned all the major parks of many cities. They are like an oasis for tourists during the hot summer, and water as a symbol of life in the world.

Kiev was not an exception, in the central part of the city there are several fountains which are gather together Kiev residents and guests in hot summer weather.

You can find fountain cascade, small fountains as well fountains made out of cast iron. Especially children and students are fond of fountains. Kids love to run barefoot in the falling water and just splash around in them. Students love to fountains connected with tradition, on the day of issuance of diplomas students go to drench their diplomas and themselves in the fountain to attract the fortune.

The meaning and origin of the word “fountain”,history of use
Золотоворотский фонтан
Fountain (from the Latin fons, fontis- wellspring or source) , -a special construction which allows to form a jets of water which pouring down from the source, than it collected in a tank and come back to re-water movement. The fountain originally served as an artificial source of drinking water for townspeople. First time as a decorative element fountains began to use in Ancient Greece, and closer to the 16th century have become the part of architectural ensemble of palaces and central squares in the main cities of Europe. Today fountains adorn not only the urban area but also set in the shopping and business centers and mansions. Beautiful cast iron fountain of the French project is located in one of the central squares of the capital next to hallmark of the city- Golden gates,monuments to Yaroslav Mudriy and to cat made out of bronze.

History of the park “Zolotovorotskiy

Square “Zolotovorotskiy” got its name from one of the symbols of the city the monument “Zolotiye Vorota” (Golden Gate). Historians assume that these gates called golden because they were located in the territory of the Church of the Annunciation with its golden domes.

Square is located in the “heart” of Kiev at intersection of Vladimirskaya st., Yaroslavov Val st. and Lisenko st. in parallel to Khreshchatyk st., next to Kiev Opera building near the entrance to the metro station “Zolotiye Vorota”. This small park is one of the favorite places of people especially in the summer time when the fountain works.

The history tells us that park was created with a purpose to ennoble the area around the famous monument to the “GOLDEN GATE”.For that reason in the beginning of 19th century there were performed operations by planting trees, building paths and setting benches for people to be able to rest and look over the monument. Square was already almost finished but it missed one detail,so in 1899 there were made a decision to set a cast iron fountain on one side of the park”ZOLOTOVOROTSKIY”. It is worth noting that in 1902 the garden park commission retook park “Zolotovorotskiy” and so saved it from early planned construction.

Золотоворотский сквер

Золотоворотский сквер

Golden Gate is not only one sight of the park, there also are the monument to Yaroslav Mudriy and the bronze miniature to cat Panthelemon who during the life was a favorite of the owners of the restaurant in front of the square. After almost a hundred years was subjected for reconstruction and gained a modern look.
One of the most famous cast iron fountains in Kiev is the fountain in the park “Zolotovorotskiy” so-called golden fountain.

Cast iron fountain in the park “Zolotovorotskiy”and all about it”

With the appearance of water in Kiev began to set fountains. There were found seven fountains. The first one appeared in 1870 in the middle of the modern European square, later there were settled couple more in different squares of the city. An author of the project of cast iron fountain became a famous architect Alexander Peter-Adrian Sheila. He was a creator of the drawing.

Фрагменты фонтанаThe first fountain was molded in the enterprise “Donat” (Leninskaya kusnya). Soon some of the fountains began to disappear because of the transport system development in Kiev which required road widening. Cast iron fountain appeared in park “Zolotovorotskiy” after it was dismantled from Sophievskaya square and removed to “ Zolotovorotskiy park”. It was a fountain with a stable iron column, beneath of it there was a concrete pool to collect water. In the part above the middle of the column was located a chalice in the shape of the flower for water to flow. Column foot decorated with heads of lions, and from their jaws flaws the water. Another feature was the decoration with mascarons what is jokingly referred to mapping of the architect, who constantly urged on the workers.

There is a perception that those fountains designed in the likeness to French fountain installed on the Place des Vosges in Paris, but it is clearly improved and modified. Another similar fountain is located in Nizhny Novgorod. Till now it is impossible to exactly determine what the project architect was based on to create iron fountain in Kiev? It is a fact that he used to live in Paris and used to work in province of Nizhny Novgorod so in this point he could to create a prototype of any of them.

Golden fountain today

Today there are only five fountains like that in Kiev, most popular are in park “ Mariinskiy” and “ Zolotovorotskiy”. The fountain located in Zolotovorotskiy park has got the name “Golden fountain”
In the summer around the fountain are arranged tables of summer cafe were residents and visitors love to relax. There is nothing better to have a lunch or dinner near such a wonderful fountain on hot summer day!

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