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Andrew’s descent

The shortest path connecting the upper part of the city with a Podol district – definitely is Andrew’s descent. Its name street got in the time when Andrew’s church was built, in the middle of XVIII century.

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“Golden gates” is recognized as one of the most beautiful metro-stations in the World

Most recently at the site of a private company BootsnAll, that deals with provision of services in the tourism sector, was made a list of those subway stations which according to the opinion of it contributors may pleasantly surprise tourists with its design. In completing the list were estimated all metro stations of the largest cities of the world.

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The Castle of Richard the Lionheart (Kiev)

Richard castleThe majority believes that Kiev, like Rome, is situated on seven hills, but in reality there are much more hills in Kiev. Ukrainian capital freely lies on the great number of mountains, hills and hillocks of the Right Bank, one of them is decorated with exotic structure – The Richard’s Castle. More …

St. Andrew’s Church

There is one old legend related to the history of ancient Kiev. It is difficult to answer even for scientists how authentically this, but as far as we know “there is no smoke without fire”. More …

About Podol – Kyiv District

Podol is one of the oldest parts of Kyiv. The first mention of Podol (or as it was called “Podolia”) can be found in the ancient chronicles, for example, in the legendary Nestor-chronicle “The Tale of Bygone Years”.

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Golden gate

Every big city has main places of interest that become its “visit card”. Eiffel Tower in Paris, Red Square in Moscow, Golden Gates in Kyiv.

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A bronze cat in Zolotoritskiy park

The cats are our beloved pets, that have been respected since ancient times. Now they are human’s friends that accompany us during the whole life. There is a belief that when moving into new apartaments you should first let the cat enter it. Not withstanding the fact that the times when people worshiped cat had sunk into oblivion, the mankind still appreciates this wonderful animal by erecting the monuments. More …

Sculptures of cats on the trees in the Zolotovoritsky park

In the center of Kyiv lies a beautiful Zolotovoritsky park. Kyivans’ adore to have a rest here and it is no mere chance, because there are many cozy benches, a wonderful fountain and sculptures of cats: one is devoted to cat Pantyusha, the second depicts the cat made of forks. We will tale you in detaile about these charming miracles, who settled in Zolotovoritsky park. More …