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Where to swim in winter

With winter coming we have very often to change our active life to more calm and plodding, when it very cold outside and we try to get home soon as we can, where cozy and warm. There are more and more people that prefer an active rest (even in winter colds) today.

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Extreme holidays in Kiev

Year by year more and more people living in Kiev prefer extreme types of recreation. Looking for the new sensations and adrenalin citizens of Kiev are ready to incredible adventures. Today for those who loves an extreme there is a huge choice of entertainments, that makes to check their own bravery and boldness. More …

Inline skating places in Kiev: fun of extreme sports

At any season and different weather you can get the portion of adrenalin if you visit one of the places for inline skating.

Constructions variety of such places will make the skating not boring for skaters of different skill degrees: as for children, beginners, and experienced fans of inline skating. More …

Ski complex “VyshGora (Fedotov’s Mountain)

Complex "VyshGora"Complex “VyshGora” is considered an excellent ski resort, located near Kiev in Vyshgorod. More …

Dropzona “Borodyanka”

A Basis for jumping with a parachute drop zone “Borodyanka” is located 40 km from the Ukrainian capital, on the territory of the local airfield. Skydiving is organized by the Association of Para-Skuf “on weekends and holidays.

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Chernihiv’s Parachute Club “Progress”

To make a parachute jump is possible in Chernihiv region, where in the village Progress of Chernigov a Parachute Club “Progress” operates, it does not matter you’re in Chernigov or in Kiev. The village is located 70 km from Kiev.

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DZ “Chaika”

The most popular drop zone that is closely located near Kiev, is the drop zone Aerodrome “Chaika”.

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Who has not dreamed for a moment to become a bird, soar above the earth and feel the flight, when everything on earth seems so small, when nothing constrains your movements when you just fly? Do you want it to feel really? Then go to make your first parachute jump.

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A tour on Segway

If respectability is not your style, and you prefer the wind into your face, you should learn to ride an electric vehicle that has a self-equalizing system – on a scooter Segway (Segway).

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Sports club “Factor”

Sports club “factor” Settled in building of one Kiev schools – school number 62, which is located in Darnitskiy district of the capital.

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