If you want to have a good cup of delicious coffee and to spend time in the nice atmosphere, you surely need to stop by “Coffee-bus”. Do you want to know difference of this place from others? “Coffee-bus” it is a vintage bus “LAZ” of 1963, which has been opened in march 2011.

The interior designed in retro style, ceiling pasted of newspapers, inside of the vintage suitcase there are collection of postcards of the period of Soviet Union, rare stamps, it also has an old seats which remind about that time.

When it is warm you can settle open air in bar. There are many different types of coffee here: latte, americano, cappuccino, espresso, frappe, which would refresh you. For those who likes tea will be proposed a good black  and green teas with a candy. Besides extraordinary design there is a thing such as  “hanging coffee” like in Italy.

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It’s for those who are unable to pay for their coffee, so they can pay in advance. There is a board with marks, coffee what was paid for. And if somebody does not have money he can use somebody’s reserve.

What a noble gesture!

Work hours: Monday – Saturday: 8.00 – 19.00. Closed on Sunday

Adress:  Pobedy avenue, 54

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