During summer time in many Czech cities are held beer festivals and celebrations. The most famous “beer sights” are festivals of Plzeň and České Budějovice, where guests can enjoy not only many kinds of favorite beverage, but also visit the traditional Bohemian Fair as well as entertain the performances of folk groups, folk dancing, and demonstrate the ability of Czech artisans.

One of the most impressive routs for beer drinkers can be safely called Radegast CycloTrack. This is circular route length of 53,3 km which starts and finishes in Nosovice. Here travelers will found aprox. 40 restaurants and Pubs. The steepest point of the Biking Trail Radegast CycloTrack – a hill Mala Prashiva that height is 706 meters above the sea level, but otherwise cycle route passes by ponds and Zhermanitse and Teplizco. Biking trail is equipped with information signs and cycling parking facilities. Besides there are free maps and flyers of pub restaurants for tourists, were with special seals can be noted “conquered summits”.

Biking trails that are situated in the South of Czech Republic are not mentioned on the regular map. That’s why for those who wish to take a ride on the scenic route, to enjoy the medieval castles and visit annual festival of Budweiser beer, have to prepare a spacial map in advance.

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