To refresh, or to warmth you in the cold weather or just to waken your appetite – all of those are the remarkable properties of beverages. A pretty big assortment of alcoholic, non-alcoholic, hot, diary drinks that quench the thirst of those who thirsty is presented in Kiev.

In this article we’ll talk about where and what beverages worth to try in Kiev.

One of the oldest and most popular drinks of the world is a tea. For most people tea is a source of inspiration, means for recuperation, and some time even for a treatment.

If earlier there were not so much tea facilities in Kiev, but now there are much more of them.

In a noisy bustling city is a small island where you can relax, take a breath and dissolve in the world of tea. At Tea Club (Drughbi Narodov boulevard, 7) you may not only get different sorts of this delicious beverage and also to order the tea ceremony.

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“World of Tea” or “Svit Chayu” supplies to Ukraine classic tea brands, a wide variety of floral arrangements, ethnic drinks, keeping one of the leading positions in the world market. At the corner of Shota Rustaveli and Saksaganskogo streets is located “Flower Café” or “Kvitkove café” where by a convenient table you can try a beverage you like. Providing a refreshing or soothing affect, tea allows you to take care of your health rather accept.

Chayniy_club_2 Cvetochnoe-cafe-rustavely-kiev-2

Certainly one of the most popular drinks of the former Soviet Union is a Beer. In Kiev where the culture of brewing has been well known since the time of Yaroslav the Wise are presented of many different sorts of this hop drink. For those who like “live beer” that is rich brewer’s yeast may refresh with this drink in special beer Stands that are placed near Metro stations. The quality of the product is guaranteed by the sale that is carried only with the presence of relevant documents, approved by the State Standard Of Ukraine and beer is bottled in disposable bottles. In those places you may find such sorts as “Berdichevskoye”, “Mikulezckoye”, “Uman’beer” and a lot of others.

Citizens and guests of Our Capital that wish to have a comfortable rest tasting a favorite drink may visit specialized places, pubs. In “Sunduk-Pub” (Leontovicha st.) a wide range of beers predominantly of Ukrainian producers will be offered to visitors, you also can try different sorts of imported beer in pub “Beer Point” that is situated in Kontraktovaya square.

5437 beer-point-podol-2

As the matter of fact, Kiev residents are not so pampered of delicious coffee, such as inhabitants of Lviv, that is famous by its coffee places. Cozy “Knipy” in the Lviv’s down town are placed almost everywhere and please not only by its nice atmosphere, but also a real coffee of different varieties.

Kiev residents mostly often are satisfied with a drink from McDonald’s, but the true coffee connoisseurs will not approve such a choice. From the daily drinks most popular latte in the “Celentano” place and cappuccino in “Puzata Hata” place.

IMG_20110731_2 image-big-8f523c19447b8a7eafbbc412fdc04d0d

A Coffee place ”Kaffa”, Gr. Scovorodi st.,5 would surprise you with different coffee varieties from all over the world. A price for one cup of flavored Coffee starts from 14 to 45 grn. According to visitors review this institution is very cozy and has a good service.

“Maisternya shokoladu” Gorkogo st.,45
This coffee place is famous not only a delicious coffee, but other hot drinks and sweets. Nice atmosphere, interior and delicious drinks and sweets will allow you to have a nice rest.

Kaffa-skovorody-kiev-2 lvivska-majsternja-shokolady-6

The most exotic and expensive coffee (10000150 grn. Per cup ) you may try in “Doors” that is situated in Reitorskaya st.,13 . Trying such a drink – pretty bold thing, given its method of making. Coffee “Copy Luvak” got its name because of the animal Musang (which also called lyuvak). While it eats the ripe fruits of the coffee tree, musang digests the covering coffee beans pulp and as a result out of it go coffee grains that people collect, wash and dry.

You may believe or not- but this type of processing of coffee beans gives to a drink a special brightness of the taste- with a touch of butter, nougat, delicate bitterness and a pleasant aftertaste, that gastric juice of musang provides.

This drink is popular all over the world and has its rich culture and has its own etiquette. For creators of the wine a winemaking it is not only a job but also a ritual. Such activity requires delicacy, patience – and most importantly love its labor.

You can find the wide range assortment of wine in the Good wine stores in Mechnikova st.,9 or Geroev Stalingrada avenue.,16 B. Good Wine is a company-importer and also a store at the same time. Here are presented 3000 wines from 40 countries, let alone the assortment of other alcoholic drinks. In Good Wine store in Mechnikova st.,9 are held tasting sessions, where you can look “beyond the label”, to feel an ancient times and modernity, to realize depth of the original taste and the value of the eternal drink – wine.

Also to enjoy all the subtleties of wine, to attend the master classes in the House of Wine “Barrell” in Malaya Ghitomirskaya st., 20. Cozy and disposing to chill restaurant. Passionate about his work sommelier allows you to enjoy the depth and color of the wine, to feel a complicated aroma and flavors. A real romantic in the House of Wine – here downtown of Kiev.

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