A Basis for jumping with a parachute drop zone “Borodyanka” is located 40 km from the Ukrainian capital, on the territory of the local airfield. Skydiving is organized by the Association of Para-Skuf “on weekends and holidays.

Take off to a height of 4000-4200 meters is made in L-410 aircraft or helicopter Mi-8 MTV, and the group can reach 18-25 people. To make a jump from a low altitude, 800-1200 meters, the AN-2is used, and the group can take up to 12 people.

For beginners, it is possible to make the first jump in tandem with an experienced parachutist, or after the passage of special education AFF with an instructor one can make a parachute jump from D-1-5U with forced opening of the parachute.

For those who have experience in parachute jumping, on the basis of the Association of Para-Skuf jumps group for individual jumping.

For those wishing to be engaged in skydiving works section, which organizes the training camp.

Also in drop zone “Borodyanka” competitions for parachute jumping are held.

It is possible to buy a gift certificate for a jump in tandem.

Additional Information:
Address: Ukraine, Kyiv region, Borodyanka
Phone: +38067 733-58-18, 522-92-36 38044, 38044 553-26-43
Parachuting season: from April to November, on weekends and public holidays
Price: not specified
GPS coordinates: 50.66017N 29.93092E

Getting there:
From the underground Svyatoshino go by shuttle bus to Borodyanka, stop under the bridge, go on foot, or take a taxi to the airport.
From the underground Svyatoshino go by a train to Borodyanka, futher as a first option.
By car ride to the airfield “Borodyanka”.