The most popular drop zone that is closely located near Kiev, is the drop zone Aerodrome “Chaika”.

On the territory of the aerodrome you may pass an 8-stages training in skydiving AFF and make the first jump with coaches. Also there is the possibility of organizing a tandem jump with a height of more than 4 km. Any jump can be recorded on a camcorder, so you will have the memory for a lifetime on your first jump.

On the basis of an aerodrome “Chaika” the club on parachuting training is running, which can enrol anyone.

DZ «Chaika” organization conducts competitions of parachutists, the performing of band’s aerial parachute acrobatics and also organizes and conducts corporate parties. If desired, you have the opportunity to place your tent in the story and spend time here.

By passing skydiving, DZ «Chaika” offers flights on paroplane, deltaplane, sports and jet aircraft, an unforgettable aerial shows and much more.

Additional Information:
Address: Ukraine, Kyiv region, the Chaika village Airfield “Chaika”
Telephone: 38067 501 13 32, 38066 2000 96424
Parachuting season: from April to November, on weekends and public holidays
Cost: from 160 hryvnias – a sport jump, Tandem jumps from 1450 hryvnias (depending on the weight of the client), AFF training from 1400 hryvnia (depending on level).

Getting there:
From the underground Zhytomyrska go by the minibus or bus to the airport “Chaika”
From the underground Zhytomyrska go by car along Victory Avenue in the direction of Zhitomirska, then go down the street to the airport Budarina “Chaika”