Year by year more and more people living in Kiev prefer extreme types of recreation. Looking for the new sensations and adrenalin citizens of Kiev are ready to incredible adventures. Today for those who loves an extreme there is a huge choice of entertainments, that makes to check their own bravery and boldness.

Relatively new and original type of entertainment is a zorbing – descending from a steep slope of a huge capsule in the form of balloon, inside of it is placed daredevil. The most popular place for zorbing is a complex “Protasov Yar”. By zorb can ride over the waves tying it to the boat.
The price of such a ride is 200 grn. Thrills are guaranteed to you!

Original and offbeat type of entertainment for city resident is Quad bike rides. To change urban landscapes and have a ride on the road, easily overcoming all obstacles – is not a perfect entertainment for the bustling metropolis. To feel yourself a pioneer will cost you 900 grn. per hour.

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Besides there is age categories limit – persons over 14 years old are able to ride.


One of the exiting type to test your nerves is Bungee Jumping – jumping head downwards off a high building with legs tied to an elastic rope. You don’t need to have special skills the one thing you need to have it is boldness and strong commitment. The price of such pleasure varies of 200 to 400 grn., depending whether you want immersion in water or without.

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Have you ever dreamed to learn to walk a tightrope as circus trick makers? You have an opportunity to try yourself as equilibrist at the lessons of Slackline – this is a great way to train balance and coordination, that also allows to master the various acrobatic stunts. To spend a free time and learn something new in the company of experienced slackliners would cost 25 grn. per lesson.


Fans of the fast driving and complete freedom can escape the monotonous work and visit Karts, a lot of them are concentrated now in Kiev. Wide roads with a perfect finish and powerful cars will allow to imagine yourself in the role of the participants of Formula1.


Perhaps the most exciting entertainment is Jumping with a parachute. Boundless delight of flying in the air can not be compared with anything. If you tuned in to extreme holiday, so the jumping with a parachute must to be at the first place. If you are a newcomer and wish to make your first jump without damage to health – jump with an instructor (it will coast around 1200 – 1500 grn.). The price for experienced jumpers varies from 200 to 250 grn.


New type of an extremal entertainment is Laser tag – military tactical game that allows to test yourself in the role of Riot. Essentially laser tag is like a well known paintball or strightball.
But thanks to itself, you can spend your time more exciting and unusual, and most importantly – safe!


Thrills can give you a Diving. Diving under the strict supervision of experienced instructors will plunge you into underwater world and make feel you like a lost treasure seeker. It is not a problem today to visit diving club because they are very popular in Kiev.


It is no a complete list of extremal entertainment that able vary our boring life within. If you have tired of city problems and worries than go to seek for adventures. You inapplicable to find something that will give you an unforgettable new experience and a lot of positive emotions.

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