Pedestrian bridge connecting the River Station with Postal Square appeared in 1968. This is one of the “youngest” pedestrian bridges in Kiev.

On weekends, a huge number of people go over the bridge: who is going to ride on a boat or a ship on the Dnieper, who is going to wander along the waterfront, and some simply stand and admire the panorama of Podil and Kiev.

Unfortunately, the bridge began to fall apart in front of our eyes. Six months ago, it had quite a decent look. But now on the edges of the bridge asphalt collapses, large holes remain from which bare reinforcement protrudes. Because of this, motorists, passing under the bridge, have to be especially vigilant making sure that the pieces of the falling down asphalt did not fall onto the car.

As long as God spared – the statements are not given, even though loopholes have been already existing for more than a month. Workers serving the bridge, argue that there is no money for repairment. And this is a real danger for children to fall through the hole!

“Kievavtodormost” does not consider the incident a problem, despite the indignation of Kiev that in any hole the human foot can freely fit. Therefore, the bridge is especially dangerous at night.

How much the worker’s of Emergency Management Agency requests cost to leave the bridge during the launch fireworks on Trukhanov island – the bridge swayed with each volley! And this is despite the holding repairs in spring and assurances of public utilities that walk across the bridge is safe.

To reconstruct the footbridge “Kievavtodormost” is going only in 2012 as part of reconstruction of the Postal Square. Then, near the River station a ramp will be built, due to which one would have to say goodbye to footbridge. And after carrying out works on river berths to the Postal Square the new underpass will be available, which is intended to replace the bridge.

Footbridge from Postal Square to the river station

Footbridge from Postal Square to the river station

There will not be a bridge – a unique opportunity, standing on the bridge to admire the domes of St. Andrew Church on the Mountain and the vast Foreign Ministry building will be lost.

Additional Information:
Address: Kiev, Naberezhne Highway (Underground “Poshtova Ploscha”)
The location of the bridge: over the Naberezhne Highway
Construction starting date: 1967
Opening date: 1968
Length: not indicated
Width: not indicated

Getting there:
From the underground “Poshtova Ploscha” walk 3 minutes towards the quays of the Dnieper.