FrogThis year, residents and visitors will be once again surprised by the sculptors. A promising painter and a sculptor of our time, Oleg Pinchuk initiated the creation of the sculpture “frog”.

As Oleg Pinchuk told, for the creation of this sculpture he was inspired by memories of his youth, on it, a place where to install the sculpture after its completion will be the site of the former summer disco, which is popularly called the “Toad”.

Originally, the sculpture will be created of plaster and then it will be cast in bronze. Why in bronze? Because the bronze has the property to become “green” with time, more accurately highlighting the realistic sculpture dedicated to the frog.

Sculpture itself is two meters in height, and cast in bronze, it will weigh up to about 6 tons.

The Design of “frog” is also interesting and unusual.

The Toad will have six legs, three faces, two of which are located on the back and one more thing – right in the mouth, while from time to time the mouth will pour water, so the sculpture will be a mini fountain.

Under the feet of the frog there will be a coin, on which it sits, which is a symbol of wealth and affluence.

And most interesting is that the frog is also a piggy bank for this purpose within the “frog” serves a special large tank, which after completion will turn over, and the one lucky enough – can become the owner of the accumulated money in it.

If you believe the author of a work dedicated to the toad it as a piggy bank can hold up to 9 000 000 UAH, in monetary terms it may amount to more than 9 million hryvnias.

Thus, the “lucky person” can in an instant become a millionaire, although the state will gather coin by coin.

At this the surprises of a “green frog” does not end there. As narrated by the creator, on the idea the toad will rotate, and this will play the bells ringing, so he gave it the opportunity to say aloud about itself, since it could not croak.

Well, what to do without a model? Creating a sculpture of this scale could not do without professional “Model-frogs” from a nearby pond.

To create a frog more realistic, “models” were forced to pose for sitting on the pot. After completion of the project, the frogs were released to their native lands.

The symbolism of a FROG
A frog is a lunar amphibian, which, according to various legends, brings rain. Killed toad symbolizes the arrival of rain.

Some people thought that the frog holds the world. Slavic peoples personified toad with moisture, fertility and wealth. Very often, the frogs are used in medicine and magic, in the latter case it is caused by the symbolism of the frog as a homemaker.

HOW MUCH is it?
On the financial side, the total cost of the beautiful frog cost around 200 thousand U.S. dollars. The project is not cheap, but its social orientation will find a sponsor.
Thus, the “frog” will become a symbol of wealth and prosperity for Kiev, the Ukrainian capital.