Most recently at the site of a private company BootsnAll, that deals with provision of services in the tourism sector, was made a list of those subway stations which according to the opinion of it contributors may pleasantly surprise tourists with its design. In completing the list were estimated all metro stations of the largest cities of the world.

Particular, in this kind of hit-parade, that included 15 metro stations were marked constructors and metro builders of such countries, as Canada, Russia, Sweden and China. Among the others one Ukrainian subway station got to the top hit. To liking foreign experts fell a station “Golden Gates” in Kiev.

BootsnAll consider that the experience of visiting those cities that are presented in the rating would not be complete if you would not see those metro stations with your own eyes, because each of them, no doubt is one of the symbols and recreation for each city.

Here is a rating of the most beautiful metro stations of the World:

1.Champ-de Mars Station. Is situated in Montreal (Canada). Ceiling overlapping of the station is decorated with stained glass windows that repeats the work of the Artist Marcel Feron called Automatiste.

2.Formosa Boulevard Station. Situated in the city Kaohsiung (Taiwan). The general element of the décor here is also stained glass. The decoration of this station is made by an artist Narcissus Quagliata, who called his work “Dome Light”

3.T-Centralen station. One of the most unusual metro stations which is in Stockholm (Sweden). Swede has been always distinguished itself on its democratic mores, and is not behind in this regard the Stockholm subway. Any modern artist may come and bring something new into décor of any metro station of the city subway decorating it with own works. But among all the stations experts from BootsnAll marked precisely T-Centralen Station in Stockholm.

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4.Central Park station. One more station in city Kaohsiung (Taiwan) has got to the honorable rating. The designer here became an architect from UK Richard Rodgers. Among all other stations it stands out by its two-level.

5.Bayview Station. This station is situated in Canadian city Toronto. Its decoration was made by architects from the company Steven Group Architects. It was based on the work of the artist Panya Clark Espinal. The main feature of his artistic style is to create optical illusions.

6.Bockenheimer Warte Station. Metro station in Frankfurt (Germany).The head architect here was Zbigniew Peter Pininski. In appearance to this station we may notice that designer has been influenced by the surrealist artist’s work of Rene Magritte.

7.Bund Sightseeing Tunnel. This station in the city of Shanghai (Taiwan) might be due more to a railway station. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the special tourist train passes through a tunnel built under the river Pu that flows here. Because that the tunnel is illuminated in a special way, and against the background sounds otherworldly music, the ride in a wagon leaves an unusual vivid impressions.

8.Slavic Boulevard. This metro station in Moscow has been opened not long time ago – 7th of September 2008. When you look at the benches and lanterns there you get a strong association with the Paris metro. Architects have achieved such an effect because of the whole station is decorated with original wrought iron elements.

9.Kennington Station. One of the first stations in the World that was open in London. It started to work in December 1890. It is the only metro station in London that has never been changed since that time.

10.Changi Airport MRT Station. This station is located in Singapore. As an underground it connects some important places: second and the third terminals of the Singapore Airport and at the same time with an Exhibition Centre called “Singapore-Expo”.

11.Golden Gates. We’ll describe you in details our native Subway that was the 29th metro station that was opened in Kiev. This is one of the stations of Siretsko-Pecherskiy direction. Its neighbors are stations – Luk’yanovskaya and Palaz Sportu. For the passengers it was open on the 31st of December of 1989. During 2009 this station was used by around 18,3 thousands people. This name it took from historical monument that is situated near by.

This station was designed by four architects (S. Adamenko, M. Palko and two brothers Boris and Vadim Gegerini) decoration of the station arches with a mosaic was made by artists Fed’ko and Koren. In accordance with the architects design its appearance is sustained in the tradition of an ancient Russian architecture. Designers tried to create such a station that whoever would get here would fill themselves like in the princely house of white stone.

Arched passageways are decorated with brick edging. If you look up you may see iconic pictures of the Kiev churches made of mosaic. Also there are pictures of Kiev Princes that ruled in 11th and 13th centuries. All mosaic patterns are complicated in its execution and non of them is repeated.

12. Olaias Station. Station is situated in the Portuguese city of Lisbon. Its architect was Tomas Taveira. His idea was embodied by famous artists in Portugal Rui Sanchez, Graga Pereira Coutinho, Pedro Cabrita Reis and Pedro Calapez.

13.Puhung Station. As a Kiev’s station Arsenalnaya which is in the deep 105 metres the station in the North Korea city Phen’yan ranks among the deepest in the world (10000110 meters). When architects were creating it they took into account of using it as a bomb shelter. Its name means Revolution. In general in Phen’yan all metro stations have an ideological coloration. For example, names like Chonru (comrade), Yonggwang (prace) and Pulgunbyol (red star).

14.Federal Triangle Station. This station was opened on 1st of July, 1977 in Washington. Now it is one of the main stations that serving both the blue and the orange metro lines.

15.Kirovski Zavod. The station in the Russian city Sankt-Petrsburg was opened 15th November, 1955. It has got a name from the Sankt-Petersburg factory which is situated near by. Its area is pretty large, its floor is decorated with mosaic ornament, also this station is distinguished by the fact that until now there is a Lenin monument.