Throught the thousand years of history a lot of woman became the pride of this ancient city not only for beauty but because of the mind,bravery,but literary and other talents.Let’s talk about woman who left their trace at the Kiev’s history.

Princess Olga

There are a lot of legends about real life of Princess Olga, which almost became a true. For instance in a movie “Princess Olga’s legend” was shown how Princess revanges for her murdered husband. As it often heppens filmmakers fibed a little bid for better picture view of the movie. Actually prince Igor died when princess Olga was more then 50 years old. In fact Olga lived almost eighty years old: she was born in 890 and died in 969 – it is real long life for that period of time. And her attack on the capital Ikorosten was not connected with her her revenge for husband,but with her disire to make stronger her authority. Even when her son grew up and became an official Kiev’s ruler, she had been remained as a ruler, and young prince fought against hazars at the outskirts of Kiev Rus.

Princess Olga became first christian in Rus. Her action was dictated of the political motivations and was as result of her visit to Konstantinopol and was the purpose to increase the Kiev Rus’s rating.

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Lesya Ukrainka


(real name Larisa Kosach-Kvitka) was burn in the family of a lawer and authoress. Her mother Olena Pchilka was well known in the literary world. It is not surprising that from an early age a future writer was interested in poetry.

But a hard disease blew Lesya’s Ukrainka strength. Therefore she had to combine her literary activity with her treatment in places with a warm climate. At the same time she was constantly persecuted by the government authority. Perhaps such a difficult circumstances had influence for the special tone of her works which had united rebellious spirit and lyricism with some philosophical detachment. It was her work which placed Ukainian literature at a new level. Previously the creativity of Ukrainian writer’s was concidered as something provincial and second-rate, and only with her appearance it was acknowledged as a part of europian literature.

It is not surprising that the descendants have not forgotten a great Ukrainian poetess.There are boulevard and the squre named in her honor in Kiev and a theatre. A lot of people know her grave at the cemetery Baikove. Also there is a current flat-museum located in Sacsaganscogo street, in Kiev.

Mariya Zankovetskaya


A famous Ukrainian actress started her life path in the common way and nothing would presage her fame in future. She was born in the Chernigov Region in the poor noble family. She got married to an officer and wandered at many different places for a while with him. On that time she used to play in amateur performances and began to feel love for the stage.When she completely realized that she left her husband,changed her name (for her nickname she took village’s name) and then nothing could stope her to play on stage. Then she became not only famous actress but also became a legend of Ukrainian Dramatic Theatre.

There is a museum in the flat where she spent the rest of her life, which is located in Krasnoarmeiscaya street.

Nataliya Dolgorukova


At the age of sixteen Natal’ya Sheremet’eva was preparing to marry to Prinse Ivan Dolgorukov.He was the Peter’s-I favorite that played a cruel joke with him because Peter-I died beforethe Dolgorukov wedding. And Anna Ioanovna ascended the throne as a queen who hated Dolgorukov’s family. But even though the groom fell out of favor,his bride insisted at a wedding.Soon after weddinge young man was sent into exile and Natalia was fallowing him, then he was executed.After his death,she went to the monastery, where spent te rest of her life.As a nun,she wrote memoirs that became a valuable document of the time.

Natalia Dolgorukova buried in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra next toUspensky cathedral.

Saint Anastasia


So as we started our our story of famous nuns we have to tell about Saint Anastasia Kievskaya,who was born as a princess Alexandra Romanova. Princess was married to Russian Emperror’s brother Alexander-II, but her nasty illness has changed her life path. Being bedbridden she made a decision to live the court life and moved to Kiev where she founded a nunnery. More unpredictable events took place, six months later she recovered but instead of her returning to the court, took the veil and remained in Kiev forever at the monastery. Until the end of her life, she has funded monastery and freeware hospital, was a manager and took care of the sick as a common nurse. It was built by one of the largest churches in Kiev – St.Nickolas Cathedral.

Galshka Gulevichevna


Galshka Gulevichevna used to live in the Podol area in Kiev in early 17-th century. She was a wife of a wealthy Polishman and actively supported the promotion of Orthodoxy in Ukraine. At that time, the country has actively introduced the Greek Catholic religion to resist this there was established brotherhood in Kiev.Galshka donated a plot of land belonging to her to build a church and school there. So, thenks to the ordinary woman in Kiev appeared Kievo-Mogilanskaya Academy one of the most old in Europe. As a matter of fact this famous institution has received the name in honor of Peter Mogila but none will forget about Galshka’s great contribution.

Varvara Hanenko


Varvara Hanenko was a daughter of a wealthy owner of a sugar factory. When She got married to a lawyer Nickolay Hanenko, she started taken a great interest to collecting items of Art.I n their private residence they gathered the whole collection of unique works of the great masters from the East and West.

When in 1917 Bogdan Hanenko died, Varara Hanenko wanted to create a museum of Arts in Kiev. So she did her best for a dream came true.Even during Civil War she did not allowed to plunder and to take abroad their gathered collection. Ultimately she gave out gathered items of Art to Ukrainian Academy of Sciences without receiving from the Soviet authorities any gratitude, they did not allowed her to work at the museum, did not support her and she died in poverty.

For a long time there was not a monument at their grave. Now a situation has changed,After their death the museum was given name its founders Bogdan and Varvara Hanenko.

Oksana Petrusenko


The greatest singer Oksana Petrusenko was not able to attend any music school or concervatory.

She was born in the poor family,her mother was a cook and her father was a workman.So having a strong voice with a unique range she was practicing being traveling through provinces and singing in their theaters. In 1934 she achived initial success and began singing at the Kiev Opera. And in 1936 she became famous after her visiting Moscow for a Week of Ukrainian Art and Literature.But her enjoing the fame did not last long and in 1940 she died because of the hemic calculus.

Oksana Petrusenko buried in the cemetery Baikove. There is a memorial inscription: “Here rests a popular Artist of the USSR”. Artist got this title a year before she died, but actually she got this title much earlier.

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