25th of March, 2010 was a ceremonial launch of the historic train of the Kiev Metro. In such way Kiev Metro decided to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Historical E- type train of 1969 was decorated with the help metro workers and designers of an advertising Agency “Domophon”. The frames of the windows were made of wood, and walls of it were covered with linkrust – the most valuable type of wallpaper.

There are copies of old newspaper clippings and rare photos on the walls. From the speakers sounds a history story of the Kiev Metro. Metro directors hope that vandals would not dare to raise a hand and to damage a train. In case of damage it would still be restored.

Первая поездка в "историческом вагоне"The passengers got an amazing opportunity to learn more about the legendary metro history, to know more from the materials provided by veterans of the Subway. Among the guests at the ceremony were the subway workers, pensioners, city administration. By this train-museum the first had a ride the veterans and special guests of celebration.

Among them – machinists who led the first trains of November, 6 1960. In the station played a brass band, recreating the atmosphere of that day.
During past 50 years was build three metro lines that are almost of 60 km long with 46 stations. Today the subway has 1,5- 2 millions passengers per day.

Addressing the gathering, the city planners mentioned that every day millions of people get down into the subway, but know almost nothing about it.

Due to “Historic train” citizens of Kiev and the guests of our city may have touch to the metro creation history and to get known more from the different pictures of its development.

This train runs by Svyatoshinsko-Brovarskaya line in the morning and in the evening every day.

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