The processing of beer brewing for a long time was not considered very complicated. Was made a malt bread of wheat or barley that was fermented in a barrel. In the and of fermentation it was decanted, then was added honey and dispensed into clay jugs.

The theme of the process of brewing never cease to be relevant, because of a number beer fans that are getting more and more each day. The process over the past was changed and supplemented with many subtleties and nuances. There are some of the most important below.

Most important thing in this process – ideal cleanliness. The brewing starts up of weighing the malt made of barley. Than in the closed vat a malt mixed with hot sterile filtered water and stirred until protein compounds begin to crumble.

At the same time in the furnace is preparing a wort out of other cereals that later would be added to malt. A granular starch under high temperatures is converted to fermentable sugars. After filtering the rest of the grain are fed to livestock. Obtained filtered fluid – a wort is sent to copper pot where it brewed within hops.

After brewing hops is decanted to the wort and send into special tanks. From the tanks it gets to special coolers that turn down the temperature of boiling wort to 10 C. After adding yeast into the wort starts a fermentation process. Wort and yeast poured into a special fermentation tanks where they will remain for another week.

In the end of fermentation beer is pumped into the tanks before ripening, where it will be for several weeks. After ripening beer is saturated with carbon dioxide and filtered. One half of beer gets to the bottling shop where they fill clean barrels. Another half gets to the shop where it will be bottled and caned. Before it bottled in sterilized equipment it necessarily pasteurized.