The tongue of man contains a great number of taste receptors. The most interesting thing is that taste recognition occurs more than in one place, and in the entire surface of the tongue, due to the so-called taste buds.

These receptors on the tip of the tongue help us to feel sweet taste. Receptors along the edges – salty. These that along the edges in the bottom of the tongue help us to feel sour taste. Bitter taste is caught with the back part of the tongue during the swallowing.

It is impossible to feel the absolute beer taste if to drink it out of bottle, as beer does not get to your taste receptors. If you want to feel a taste of beer, it is necessary to drink it from a mug. For this reason, in countries where beer is a popular product, most of the beer sold on tap.

Beer in Europe for a long time used in different vessels. In Western Europe the mugs were made of wood, in France of glass, in Chechoslovakia of ceramics. And in XVIII century there got into use mugs of porcelain and an exotic – made out of stone and leather.

Nowadays the specialists are recommend to drink beer using mugs or glasses that made of natural materials such as wood, ceramics or porcelain. It is not recommended to drink out of plastic and metal utensils.

An ideal vessel to be narrow in its upper part and to contain at least 0,5 liter of beverage. Also it is necessary to pour beer in the right way – from a height at least 2,5 cm of the edge to the center of the vessel. To pour the beer there needs to be taken a pause, waiting for the foam thickens, after that to add little by a little.

It is recommended to rinse beer glasses with water before using. In no case not to wipe them, but to dry on a lattice. The professionals are recommend to cool utensils slightly before you pour a beer in.