Scientists have long known that beer helps to rejuvenate cells and speeds up metabolism. According to gerontologists 1-2 beer mugs a day slow down aging, and masks and creams that made on the basis of beer, smooth wrinkles.

Beer is not only the way to have a good time. And as a mean of purchasing natural beauty.

Very effective is a mask made of yolk and beer. It is necessary to shake up the egg yolk in beer and to put it on the face for a while. And beer steam will help you to make your skin more flexible.

Instead of harmful gels and hair spray it is better to use beer for your hair. If to use it as a conditioner, your hair will get flexible condition, healthy shine, and also the hair loss slows down. In European countries a for the past many years already produced beer shampoos that gives an effect like shampoos with conditioners, but they are not harmful to your hair.

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