Nikolay Gilka, a pupil from Kiev, two-time winner of “Strategy” contest, is the author of the idea of creation such an unusual park. His idea was supported by the Kiev authorities, as informed a deputy chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration – Ruslan Kramarenko. The highlight of the park for IT pros will become its form – as an E-mail symbol @.

In the main alley of this park will be immortalized sculptures of Information Technology founders: Viktor Glushkov – the developer of the first computer Mir-1, Bill Gates – the founder of Microsoft and Steve Jobs – the brilliant mastermind of Apple.

A place for this park is chosen not by an accident,- it is close to Kiev Polytechnic University that provides the best IT-profesionals. Already are found the sponsors who will provide free wi-fi and installation of sculptures.

Accept three sculptures of computer geniuses who had left their mark in the history, in the park will be forth one – unnamed.

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On the plate near the monument will be inscription: “This is a free place for one who in the XXI century will create a breakthrough technology. And it can be you”. So the author in such way hopes to motivate today’s IT- geniuses among our compatriots.

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