At any season and different weather you can get the portion of adrenalin if you visit one of the places for inline skating.

Constructions variety of such places will make the skating not boring for skaters of different skill degrees: as for children, beginners, and experienced fans of inline skating.

Inline skating place in Karavan opened in 2010. Equipped with a special design for an extreme skiing. It’s area is 800 square meters.

If you have tired – have a rest in the cafe near by with a cup of invigorating coffee or a glass of soda.

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Entrance and hire free.


Working hours: daily from 8.15 to 23.30


Location: Metro st. “Obolon”, Lugovaya st., 8

contact tel: (044) 461 82 05 






Inline skating place in the “Dream Town” Mall – is the largest of the two level rollerdroms in Ukraine. Its area is 2100 square meters. The maximum number of visitors is 150 persons. An area of the first level – 1300 square meters and the other one – 800 square meters, here is the track for speed skating.

You can bring your own roller skates or hire them. In hire you could find a roller skates of the well – known trademarks, such as Powerslide, Seba and Roces.

Small visitors would like the interior decoration and their parents as well. There are comfortable sofas around the rink were people can chill after skating session and to spend a pleasant time in the Rollers Cafe.

Prices (riding time is unlimited):


-8.00 – 9.00 Children hours. Mon-Fri:20 grn. Sat -Sun and holidays: 30 grn.

-9.00 – 15.00 Mon- Fri: 45 grn .Sat -Sun and holidays: 60 grn.

From 21.00 evening hours. Mon- Fri: 40 grn. Sat -Sun and holidays: 50grn.

Starting from Monday to Friday there are special prices for schoolchildren and students till 16.00 – only 25 grn.

* the price includes the hiring of roller skates, so if you brought your own, the price for you
would be 20 grn.

Location: Obolonskiy avenue, 16 (“Obolon” metro station)

tel: (050) 387- 88-55





Inline skating place in the “Blockbuster” Mall – is a professional rollerdrome with a special coating that provides a safe skating for visitors. Its area is 900 square meters.

If you want to learn roller skating but not sure in yourself – there are well-qualified instructors for you.


Working hours:


Mon – Thu: 12:00 – 22:00
Fri: 12:00 – 24:00
Sat: 10:00 – 24:00
Sun: 10:00 – 23:00

Prices (riding time is unlimited):
For adults: entrance and rollers to hire:


On weekdays – 50 grn.

On weekends and holidays – 60 grn.

For adults: entrance with their own roller skates:


On weekdays – 30 grn.

On weekends and holidays – 40 grn.

For children under 5 years old a special prices:


On weekdays – 15 grn.

On weekends and holidays – 20 grn.(hire of the rollers skates is not included)

You can also purchase a ticket for ten visits(with your own roller skaters) at a price 200 grn.

There are placed comfortable cafes around the rink, where you are able to relax and to rest after skating.

Location: Moskowskiy avenue, 34 – B ( “Petrivka” metro station)

Information phone: (044) 498 30 00