The history of occurrence of The Central Astronomical Observatory of Ukraine has not been simple. It owes its appearance to eminent scientist astronomer and geophysicist Alexander Yakovlevich Orlov.

The idea of the creation such observatory came to Orlov in 1919 when he was chosen a real member of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. And in the beginning this construction was in the plans.

There was chosen a place for building not far from Kanev. But the civil war has not contributed to incarnation of this vision into reality, and it was abandoned until better times. And it seemed that such a time came, and in December 1938, Academe of Ukraine made a decision to build Observatory right in that place where is located a Botanical Garden now. But even at this time this plan had not became true – prevented the Second World War that started in 1939.

And even thought Alexander Orlov never left an idea to build this Scientific Center.
Later after Kiev was released from German invaders, scientist has started his attempts again. In his letter that has been reported to The Presidium of Academy of Sciences he raises up the question of building this Center. Finally on July, 17, 1944 by the Ukrainian Authorities was made a long-awaited decision of the beginning of construction work. And now this date is considered as a birthday of The Central Astronomical Observatory of Ukraine. Orlov has been chosen the place by himself and after long dispute with astronomers he insisted on the selected by him clearing in the Holosyivo Woods. Its grand opening was held in 1949.

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Since than Observatory has become a large Scientific Center, that has brought up many famous scientists. And to record all important events in the life of the Observatory, and in the view of 60th anniversary, there for in 2004 on its territory was opened a museum of history of The Central Astronomical Observatory. In the honor of this anniversary was named a minor planet (1000015675) Goloseevo, opened in 1978. But the research activities at the Observatory does not stop even in or times: as until now here still observations of celestial bodies, stars and satellites.

Due to its location people just call the Observatory – Goloseevka. In its museum everyone who wishes may visit a Temple the Muses of Astronomy, to learn about scientific discoveries, that were made behind its walls, get acquainted with diversity of devices and appliances that astronomers use in their researches, and by yourself to peer into the very eternity of the universe through the lens of the telescope.

Phones for On guided tours: (044) 526-47-58 or (044) 526-25-32

address: Academica Zabolotnogo street, 27

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