The beach season has been officially opened on 15th of May. With onset of the hot days it is always pleasant to spend time beside the water, and though the Kiev is not considered as resort city and it is not located on the see shore, there are many ponds and the river in our capital where you can swim on the hot summer day.

We offer you to look out the list of beaches where officially allowed to swim in the summer of 2013.

1. Hydro Park is located in convenient location beside a metro station with a same name,
here are a lot of beaches where you can rest with the family and children, or in a cheerful youth company. As advantages it worth to mention: updating of the sand, the presence of amusement rides, many cafes, bars, restaurants and a huge territory of green zone. In Hydro Park are located:

CHILDREN BEACH (it is situated on the left side of the Venetian bridge. It is quite well- kept beach. There are changing rooms, you can hire a sunbed, also there are WC an a cafe. Nearby there are attractions for kids. In addition to those facilities of the beach it worth to mention very clean and pure sand, clean territory and clean water. So, it is very pleasant to rest at the beach like that.

BEACH “VENICE”(is situated in Dolobzkiy island on the right side of Venetian bridge). Here the sand is also pure and clean, well done the cleaning of the territory, here are sport yards and attractions. Free WC and a lot of cafes.

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-“PREDMOSTNAYA SLOBODKA”(is situated on the right side of the Metro bridge). In comparison with two others this beach is less clean but it also has changing rooms, rubbish bins and WC.

“GOLDEN BEACH”(is situated on the right side of the Metro bridge closer to Paton’s bridge) a little left of the main alley. It takes 20 minutes to get there from the Metro bridge. The sand on this beach is clean enough, there are changing rooms and WC. Disadvantages – lack of sunbeds and cafe, so if you are going to visit this beach don’t forget to take drinks and food with you. The advantages it worth to mention incredible views of the right bank of the Dniper! Here is a good view of Pecherskaya Lavra and different buildings.

BEACH FOR YUTH (is situated in Dolobezkiy island, on the left side of Venetian bridge). Here you can not only to order a sunbed, but also to hide under the tent from summer hit. There is a WC on the territory, but the walk to the cafe takes much time, but here is a Bora-Bora club. Now the entrance to the territory is free.

2. Beach “Cherteroy”(is situated in “Drugbi Narodov park”)
To get to this Beach is better by car because it’s not very comfortable to go by public transport: bus or taxi bus that go through Moskovskiy Bridge and than you need to take a walk.Water is clean enough. There are changing rooms and tents. A disadvantage is a luck of WC, cafes and sunbeds. All cafes are located in the center of the park.

3.Beach in the Truhanov island – The main beach in the city. It is better to get there on foot through the foot bridge from the Metro station “Pochtovaya ploshchad. It is one of the favorite beaches of kievans .

4.The lake “Verbnoye”. To get to this lake you can from Petrovka metro station- it will take 15 minutes. There are underground sources in the lake, so the water here clean and cool, also there is a fish in this lake. The most deep place in the lake is 22 meters. Here are changing rooms, bio-toilets, tents, and also you may rent a catamaran. (A prise for an hour varies from 40 to 50 grn.)

5.Beach “Rainbow”(is situated on the Radugnaya street on the left bank). In comparison with others this beach is very small but very comfortable for the rest with kids. Besides cabins for changing clothes, toilets and boat station here is also a playground for kids. The water might be green because of alga, but it depends on a season. To get to the beach you can by taking a bus or taxi bus from Levoberezgnaya metro station.

6.The lake “Telbin” You can take a bus #87 or taxi bus #535 to Shumskogo street. It is very picturesque lake surrounded by a park. The water and the territory around are clean, there are changing rooms,WC, cafe, boat and catamaran rental.

7.“Ministerka”(Red’kino). Is located in Vyshgorod direction. Not a long time ago the water and the beach were clean here,but with appearance of big number vacationers Ministerka became very popular and unfortunately, very dirty. You will not find any dressing rooms or WC here. Not yet formally opened beaches at the bay “Dog’s heart” (Prerechnaya st.) and the lake “Redchine”(Bogatirscaya st.), and the beach “Natalka” in Obolon area, – swimming is prohibited here.

There is no luck to artificial lakes – in Opechnya, swimming is prohibited there. The same situation in Darnizkiy district that has 16 lakes and none of them are suitable for swimming.