shoes2010 is almost at the end and two promising young sculptor of Kiev decided to present the outgoing year gift – a bronze sculpture of well-worn shoes.

«CultKiev» learned the details of appearance and the main ideas of the new Kiev’s sculpture dedicated to the shoe of an insurance agent.

A clog is a kind of shoe that is mainly made from wood. The first mention of wooden shoes dates back to 81 year 15th century, and the location of the first shoes refer to Denmark, not in vain, a great writer, Anderson spoke of this shoes in his tales.

Another definition of the word “clog” means a type of shoe, the upper part of which is sewn to the soles of his shoes provided with insole, backs and sometimes lining. Typically, the top was made of cloth or leather. Some of the shoes had a heel.

Bronze sculpture of shoes appeared on the order of one of Kiev’s insurance companies, which expressed a desire to “pay tribute to” the profession an insurance agent in this way.

The symbol “worn-out shoes,” was not chosen by accident, because an insurance agent is always walking a lot and even running after his client.
Itself the sculpture will be cast in bronze and each shoe will be 75-80 cm in length, so that everyone can try on the shoe on his foot.

By the way, the first shoe is ready; it remains the case for the second, which is planned to be produced up to 15 December this year. Total the manufacture of a shoe, took a month and a half. Originally a wax model was produced, which caused all the necessary elements, after which the sculpture was cast in bronze, and it was used up to 12 kilograms of bronze.

The sculpture will be installed near the new building near the subway station Lukyanivska.

The authors of the sculptures are brothers Peter and Andrew Ozyumenko. Both authors graduated from the State art high school named after Taras Shevchenko, have a college degree majoring in sculpture “Ukrainian Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, while Peter graduated with honours. They won a tender to build a monument to Vladimir Vysotsky, which was stationed in Kiev.

Clogs of other COUNTRIES
Not only in Kiev a sculpture of shoe is established. For example, in the city of Tikrit (Iraq) a three-meter monument to boot was established, which was thrown by one of the journalists during a conference to the U.S. President George W. Bush.

The sculpture dedicated to the shoe of an insurance agent is not the only bronze statue in Kiev. You can also see:
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2 – Bronze sculpture “Gogol’s nose”

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